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FengShui helps in selling your house.

Thursday, 5 August 2010
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Throughout my Fengshui practice, many have asked me to provide Fengshui tips to assist them with the selling of their houses. Some real estate agents will ask for solutions on how to use fengshui to help move their property fast.

The most important FengShui tip is the owner must have a firm decision and must let go. In FengShui, intention must be clearly visualized for the energy of Qi of the Universe to follow and have manifestation occur. Whether it is buying or selling house or office, FengShui will assist all parties involved.

The homeowners who want to sell the house must let go of the house must make up their minds and hearts and visualize the process in order to attract the new owners. If any member of the family is still holding onto the property, it might be tough to sell the property and of course the property must be in some good state.

If you are no longer staying in the house, make sure all the family members remove all their personal belongings from the house especially those with personal memorabilia. any things with their names on it etc. Do not send the wrong signal to the potential new owner as the house is being evicted or owner are force to leave.

If your family is still staying in the house, make sure it presents a harmonious environment when the new owners are paying their visit. Make sure the house is not perfectly clean (especially if you have children) which might shows that you have something to hide. Just make sure the environment is in a happy family kind of state.

I recommend people walk into the home starting from the street or driveway, then into the house through the front door. In Fengshui, all lucks and opportunities come through the front door, so start outside and see how it “feels” when the home is entered. Is there tension in the house? Do you feel muddy or sluggish in the home? Fengshui can assist with clearing the energy of the home so that the real estate property is neutralized. This can be accomplished through aromatherapy or incense. Present the house in the best light, have a clear intention of selling and it will go quickly.

Other good house selling FengShui tips is to enhance people luck for example in 2012 put up a rooster resemblance at the west sector of the property. This will ask for the right buyers to come into the home. The area changes every year.

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