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FengShui at home - your home and its surroundings part 4

Tuesday, 2 June 2009
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When you are inspecting your site of your house, you must make sure Qi is able to circulate freely, and for yin and yang to strike a balance, the land should not too dry or too wet. Therefore, try to avoid water-logged land or plot that reclaimed from disposal ground. This is based on the practical principal that these kind of land will bring ill health, and damp or structure problems. The ideal land is the one that is well aerated, and neither too wet nor too dry.

In our modern living, town planning is very important. Buildings should be planned according to a certain pattern which will not casue Qi to disperse very quickly or blocked. This pattern does not have to be 100% regulated but houses should not be randomly scattered at different locations with different heights and sizes to one another.

Trees should not be planted too close to the house. Those with deep roots may undermine the foundations of the house and tall trees may block the amount of sunlight from entering your house.This will make the house more yin. Trees should not directly planted in front of the door as they might inhibit the amount of Qi entering the house. However, trees and plant are magnificient protection against malign forces "Sha Qi". Therefore, trees and plants are often used to maintain the balance of the environment. Their healthy grow will give you a signal of rich Qi from the environment. If your house is closed by the road, you should plant a screen of tall plants or trees to protect your home from any rushing Qi. But make sure that these trees do not grow taller than you house and if your house has more than one floor, make sure that the trees are not taller than the ground floor.

If you find that the wings of the house overwhelm the main entrance and block the flow of Qi, you can use trees or light to encourage Qi into the house.

If you have a stream and the stream is flowing too fast and cutting off a corner of the graden of your house, this could drain your finances, and you will need to change the course the stream or slow down the flow with plants or rocks.

Drains and sewers should have a cover allowing water to filter through but preventing clogging from soil or dead leaves. If you find that your sewers emit sha, you should put plant pots over them. This is not to improve the visual apperance but to counter the "Sha Qi" that might rise from the sewer. Manhole covers should be hidden by pots containing herbs, flowers or shrubs.

A driveway is one of the main ways that Qi can enters your home. If your house is situated at the top of the hill, you good fortune, and money could roll out of the house too quickly. A twisting driveway could help to slow down the process and lamps at the door can help to control the Qi. Plants and trees will also help.

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