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FengShui at home - your home and its surroundings part 3

Monday, 25 May 2009
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You may not be aware that the shape of a building can have a great influence in our lives. Actually, whether you believe in fengshui or not, we have different feelings when we go into different shapes of buildings or houses. Buildings designed as per FengShui principles may seem boring and old fashion but they sure energise the occupants and can in turn promote their success and well-being.

When a house is oddly shape, it will have significant effect on its occupants. The severity of the effect will in turn depend on the sectors are missing and extras.

Odd shape houses will also create some kind of shape angles. These angles especially the ones that point at you, are called ‘poison arrows’ as they channel "sha qi" towards the people in the building or room, which can affect the well-being of the occupants.

We can refer to these kind of houses as incomplete. For example, it might has a room that protrudes from the main shape. This is not good since the room is outside the linear unity of a shape. This room’s position outside the heart of the house would keep us from achieving any desires.

FengShui at home Knife Shaped house
As depicted in the figure above, the above house look like a knife. If the house is shaped like a knife, the strength is in the handle and the weakness is at the blade.The master bedroom and kitchen should be located at the handle.

FengShui at home Knife Shaped house
This above house would be balance by adding of plants to create a rectangular sjhape.

Again the ideal shape for a house is still square piece of land, and the least auspicious is a triangular plot of land.

If your house was originally built on a square or oblong plot but due to soil erosion, flooded or used for construction, the best advice is to try and reclaim the land, or even just the sides so that it is brought back into line. In term of fengshui, a weak side of the land could cause health problems, from flu to an increase in accidents around the home. Whenever possible, it is best to round off sharp edges and jutting coreners to facilitate the flow of Qi.

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