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FengShui at home - your home and its surroundings part 2

Monday, 11 May 2009
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House shapes can have a profound effect on the Feng Shui within its building, either helping or impairing the well-being of the occupants. A house needs to feel comfortable and have a restful environment. But many times, in an attempt to make a statement or to create something unique, architects play with the shape of the house/building and design homes that are not conducive to rest. Rather, one feels unsettled or restless in such houses.

Different shape emits different kind of energy. Energy emitted by matter takes its form from the matter. This means that a triangular shaped object gives off an energy pattern in a certain form and an irregular shaped object gives off energy as in another form. These energy form extends in all directions similar to a ripple effect.

Take as an example, you can see in many Chinese restaurants they provide circular tables instead of square ones because circles emits energy that is always circulating, while squares create restful chi. So people tend to linger longer at square tables, which is what the owners do not want, since they need more customers to walk in.

Now, what are the best shapes for a house or a site in term of FengShui?

The ideal shape of a plot of land or houses is square or rectangle. These shape are solid and stable. The Qi can flows and ciculates smoothly and settle down in a square room. The floor plan for a square house is easy to follow and navigate and allows you to walk through it without getting confused. While the house shape is very important in Feng shui, the shape of the plot of land is also very significant. So look for a square or rectangular site.

Now, in term of fengshui, what shape of buidling to avoid?

1. Avoid round or circular shaped houses and land.

The Qi cannot settle down and does not create a restful effect. Occupants will not stay long in this kind of houses. But if you are staying in this kind of houses right now, you can use plants to create some form of lines which in turn give a more square/rectangle effects to slow down the flow of Qi.

However, there are also good things to say about this type of house in FengShui. If you stay alone, and if you are in your above average luck than this type of house might boost up your moeny luck. But, keep in mind once you have make enough money or if you know that your luck is running out, it is time for you to leave this house.

FengShui Round Shaped house

2.Avoid triangular shaped houses and land.

This king of houses are imbalance in shape and violates the basic condition of the landforms theory in fengshui. Inside such a house, odd angles are created within the rooms, you will have many "poison arrows" which create "sha qi" towards the people in the room, which can affect the well-being of the occupants. The navigation is quite confusing with 45 degree turns and doors are oddly placed.

FengShui Triangle Shaped house

Sometimes we just have to listen to what older person advises. When you go to a house, just stop and notice the feel of the place. If you feel confused or dizzy you will know why shapes have a profound effect on the inhabitants. Buildings designed as per Feng Shui principles may seem boring and old fashion but they sure energise the occupants and can in turn promote their success and well-being. Which one do you prefer?

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