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Failed marriage of a devoting wife.

Saturday, 24 May 2014
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She works as a senior executive in one of the multinational company. In 1998 she was married and her husband work as an IT manager which he needs to travel a lot. Her husband was stationed overseas and for most of the time they are living far apart. Occasionally with short visits and frequent phone conversations to maintain their relationship. He was nice to her and was able to take care of the family. Though her husband was physically away and did not share the workload of looking after the family, he was gentle and nice towards her and helped shouldered the financial burden of the family. During this period of time she looked after her husband's family members – three teenage siblings, a bed-ridden father-in-law and mother-in-law while he paid for the family's expenses. As She had to work long hours at work, she was physically and mentally exhausted by her work and family commitment. She had often asked her husband to get a new job locally or get a posting back home so that they could live together and shoulder the burden of looking after his family together. But her husband was not keen to return and felt that she was naggy and always complaining. All he said that he needed more space.

Her husband was having an affair in 2009. Her marriage came to an end in 2009. From a metaphysic prospective, can all these happenings be 'seen' from her bazi?

This is her BaZi.

Bazi fengshui – failed marriage

Her 'suitable' husband should be someone whose BaZi chart has only one spouse element, the spouse element is close to the self element, the spouse element is a favorable element and the spouse element should preferably be positioned in the Spouse Palace.

Will she marry again?

Her BaZi indicates that she has strong spouse fate which indicates strong affinity with men. This indicates that it is possible for her to remarry again if she wants to. Whether she will be in a romance relationship or get married will depend on her will and her actions to take advantage of the strong spouse luck in the coming periods. Base on the luck cycle, it is possible for her to get into a new romance relationship after her failed marriage.

An analysis of a one's bazi can reveal many things about their marriage. It can reveal whether there is affinity for a spouse. It can reveal whether the spouse will be helpful and good to you or will only bring trouble and strain to you. It can also indicate potential marriage problems like whether the marriage relationship will be harmonious and whether there are indications of straying out of the marriage. An analysis of bazi can help you to understand yourself better in terms of your marriage luck. Knowing one's marriage fate better can help you to make 'better choices' in choosing a spouse. It can help you to exercise better awareness and tolerance in dealing with relationship issues in a marriage.
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