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FOUR most common things that Geomancers mislead the consumers in Feng Shui.

Monday, 25 December 2006
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Presently the THREE most common things that Geomancers mislead the consumers are:-

ONE: 1. Bogus Education Qualifications

They said they hold Doctor or have a PHD. And in many instances dare not show which University or place a link to the university. In many instances, the Geomancer has purchased a bogus degree, Doctorate or PHD from a bogus unrecognised place.

TWO: 2. Unsubstantiated Claims that clients WON "BIG" in a lottery

This is one of the main tactic to lure customers.  In any instance, the Geomancer will continue to brag about their clients getting fithly rich. But have you really see anyone coming forward to substantiate their claims.  The characteristics of such a Geomancer is that they will stop to brag about their success in every single of their audit and have millions of visitors to thier forums.

These Geomancers try to tap on our  " Greed!"

THREE: 3. The Geomancer will give advice and then most of the time; recommend you to buy a so called Feng Shui  product. And when asked: "Where do I get the item?" He happily say: "Come to my Feng Shui shop, I have it!". As a result, many are CONNED into buying thousands of dollars of useless commercial products.

FOUR: 4. Scare Tactics

The last one will be try to scare you into buying their services and products.

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