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Elena Baltacha BaZi.

Friday, 13 June 2014
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Elena Sergeevna Baltacha (14 August 1983 – 4 May 2014) was a Ukrainian-born British professional tennis player. Being a four-time winner of the Aegon Award, she was also a long-term British No. 1, a position she held intermittently from 2002 to 2012.

Over the course of her career she won eleven ITF singles titles (five $25,000, two $50,000, two $75,000, and two $100,000) and four ITF doubles titles (all $25,000). She was also a runner-up in three ITF events in singles and four in doubles. In 2010, Baltacha had victories over top 10 players, including two victories over Li Na (the second of which came via retirement) and one against Francesca Schiavone, who at the time was the reigning French Open champion. In 2011 Baltacha won her highest ranked tournament on the ITF tour, the 2011 Aegon Nottingham Challenge.

Baltacha was diagnosed with liver cancer in January 2014, just a few weeks after her marriage to tennis coach Nino Severino. She died on 4 May 2014, aged 30, in her Ipswich home, surrounded by friends and family.

Elena Baltacha Bazi, Ta Yun and 2013. January 2014 was still considered as 2013 in Chinese Solar calendar as 2014 starts only from February 4.

Bazi fengshui

Born on a 甲戌 (Jia Wood, Xu Earth) day, her bazi has 2 rooted 7 Killing 庚申 (Geng Metal, Shen Metal) sitting on the month pillar.

In all birth charts that i’ve analysed, while 7k (7 Killing) serve very well as powerful thinking element, which mostly produce smart and quick-witted people such as CEO. It also has the stress factor effect on the person. Beside stress, 7 killing – the element that counters or attacks the daymaster. Without protection in the chart to protect against the 7 killing, it can represent fatality or death.

If you look closely at Baltacha chart, the 癸亥 (Gui Water, Hai Water) protected her from the chart since birth. But the position of this Water was not good. Her currently 10 years luck pillar is sitting on 癸亥 (Gui Water, Hai Water) at the same time. This triggered a fu-yin effect on the chart. She was diagnosed with liver cancer in January 2014 which is 2013 in Solar calendar. With 2013 癸 (also Gui water) This triggered a very strong 7K - the strength of 8 times. You will notice that all these happened in GUI 癸 Ta Yun and Gui 癸 year.

These translate to the Metal attacking on the daymaster directly. With the clashes in place as well as both heavenly stem and earthly branch totally injured, the wood 甲 is now in trouble. 甲 Wood talks about liver and gall bladder. This is one of the main cause why her liver cancer triggered in such a short time and killed her. In nature of this bazi, the wood is taking long term damage ever since the third luck pillar at 壬戌. While 7 Killing can bring great success to a person, but when 7K becomes too strong to handle, the life is endangered.


There have been many questions asked why Water cannot protect her in 2013. The reason lied with the strong Fire “Shang-Guan”/”Shi-Shen” formation from the hour pillar which clashed with Water in 2013 (we called this “Reversed attack”) and also because the strong “Qi-Sha”, “Shang-Guan”/”Shi-Shen” were surrounding and closer to the day master. Clashed will come first and water was too late to the rescue. Matter was worst in 2014 when she passed away.

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