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Door tilting

Tuesday, 16 April 2013
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Door-tilting itself is not difficult to understand and not any major secret – when your door sits on an inauspicious angle, you tilt it to the nearest available auspicious angle. Ideally the nearest angle to the current one will match the favorable requirements for as many Feng Shui methods like San He, Ba Zhai, Xuan Kong …) as possible.

In certain southeastern Asian countries where large population of Chinese resides, tilted doors can be easily seems. Many customers feel that in order to get their money’s worth they must do the door-tilting.

Some innovative guys or for business purposes, some even have what I called “tilt all you can” when tilting is generalize to tilt sliding doors, balcony doors … any door inside your home; later you might find tilting house windows and maybe even garden walls. What about fridge door and bath tub? To them these are all fair games. Does all these necessary?

I do not want to argue on controversial topics like this one. But I can tell you that many ancient homes in China, including the Forbidden City, there is no tilted door. But I have seen many tilted doors that were done in the last 10 to 20 years in Singapore, Malaysia, China and Hong Kong.

In Feng Shui we emphasizes balance and symmetry. Anything tilted will disrupt the balance state. Tilting does not seem to match these basic Feng Shui principles. In Feng Shui, main door represent the mouth of a house. A tilted door is like a person with a crooked mouth. It is the “form” for stroke resulting in a crooked mouth.

Psychologically, a tilted door is a constant reminder to the residents that “this is an auspicious door that will bring me good luck“. With this daily positive affirmation it will enhance your determination to success and make things “happen“.

I recommend “eco friendly or green tilting” that does no damage to the wall or environment and does not need a carpenter. However, I do it only when there is no alternative.

How it works? I will not elaborate here.
Does it works? Somehow it works.

In Ba Zhai or 8 mansions there is also stove-tilting.

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