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In the midst of divorce

Thursday, 7 May 2020


Her husband calls it quits to their marriage living his wife with a 2 year toddler girl. His wife found out he is having affair with another divorce women with a child.

They have been together for twenty years, ten years in courtship and close to 10 years to married life.

Both are working in the same company. She always complained that she is doing two person works as the husband work under her supervision. This is stressful. She needed to cover up for his husband sometimes. Husband has been resigned recently.

Husband is quiet nature, timid. He never voiced out his feelings, more toward a follower type. Wife plans everything at home or at work. Wife is bossy.

She is more like a mother to her husband. She feels she needs to take responsibility financially but in a more masculine way, Her role is more like a husband and his husband role is more like a wife. Husband wants a wife not a mother. The wife did too much and it became like a mother that his husband did not appreciate. The mistresses can represent a girlfriend/wife for him.

Both have their stories to tell.

Now let’s take a look at the wife’s BaZi.

  八字 BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny Patt Chee

Too much earth 劫比, making her stubborn and like to take control but not in a good way. Metal 伤食 is weak and hidden, she is not good at communicating her feelings and she is always blunt. Water, 财才 her wealth, bring hurt, she is stress over finance, calculative and stingy. 卯 her spouse star sitting at her spouse palace, 卯 is her 杀 “Seven-killing”, she can be very bossy and demanding. Their characters are not compatible, and working at the same place made it worse.

Now take a look at her 2019 辛巳 XinSi TaYun. Strong earth 劫比 and metal 伤食 clash into 卯 her spouse killing her marriage.

She is in the midst of filing divorce. Why 2020? If her husband is a follower type, timid why he has the courage to calls quit in 2020?

For couple thinking of getting married you need to ask yourself the purpose of your marriage. What you want to achieve in the future together?

When you are deeply in love, you let down the selfishness and prejudice as you don’t want to become a burden for the other. When one is drown in the sea of love, one would figure out a thousand ways to make the other happy, sacrificing and contributing unconsciously. But after married, everything would become negative, after spending more time with someone, you would feel you have already possessed that person. Since then your love would become possession, here when all the jealousy, doubt and fuss come and this is when love become burden. The sacrifices that you have made out of love in the past have all become gains and losses that you would nitpick now.

For many couples, when in love courtship, they see the good, after married they see the bad. - BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny and FengShui
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