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Disharmony - North East 22.6-67.5 deg (2015 luck rating 4 of 6).

Wednesday, 7 January 2015
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For house facing North East 22.6° - 67.5°, spend more quality time with your family.
Bazi fengshui

Ominous stars in 2015 present threats. Surrounded by Sui Po the Year Break 岁破 and Nian Ke the Year Suppress 年克 stars, you are advised to stay focus and practice with greater caution. Do not fall into despair though, as there is hope with the auspicious Six White 六白star. This star indicates positive career luck and good fortune which will come to your aid to advance when properly used. This Six White denotes improved wealth and career luck amid this unpredictable year. Go by the book, be alert and stay composed, be patient shall aid to your quest for success.

Although you might face greater stress and can be emotional, you must try to avoid venting your frustrations on your loved ones. Strike a balance between family, work and leisure will help to ease your stress. If possible and time permits, you might want to consider taking a vacation and go somewhere with your family. It will help in stress relief and strengthening family ties.

The flying stars combination for North East in 2015 has its pros and cons. Having favorable wealth luck lies threats to family ties and relationship. Pay more attention to your partner and family and do not neglect them in your pursuit of wealth. Be more open and maintain a constant communication to avoid any arguments or misunderstanding. Harmony will bring prosperity.

Sui Po the Year Break 岁破 demotes injury or accidents besides stress and frustration. Nian Ke the Year Suppress 年克 denotes occasional stumbling blocks or obstacles that will affect your wood and emotion. You must stay calm and be optimistic. At the same time you must try to avoid disputes and direct confrontations. Remember disharmony is the potential threat. Spend more time with you loved ones and together will bring strength and stand united to make this a great year.

Renovation is not favorable and discouraged for Northeast facing houses in 2015.

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