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David Lee Edwards, the $27 million Powerball jackpot winner who died broke and alone.

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Friday, 19 February 2021


What percentage of lottery winners go broke? 70 percent According to the National Endowment for Financial Education, about 70 percent of people who win a lottery or receive a large windfall go bankrupt within a few years.

David Lee Edwards, from Ashland, won $27 million in Aug 2001. He lost it all by 2006.

David Lee Edwards, Powerball Winner, died broke In Hospice. He and his wife Shawna went from living in a lavish Florida mansion decorated with medieval armor, to a Kentucky storage unit container filled with human feces. Just 12 years after striking it rich and blew - $27MILLION jackpot, Edwards has died penniless, and alone, at age 58. He died on 30 Nov 2013.

Edwards was a convicted felon who had spent a third of his life behind bars when he walked into a Kentucky convenient store and bought $7 worth of lottery tickets. When he won, he opted for the one-time payout, rather than the annual payments. And within a year of being an instant millionaire, Edwards went on a spending spree. He threw down $12 million in that first year alone, buying himself and Shawna a 6,000-square-foot mansion in Palm Beach with a private tennis court for $1.6 million, dozens of expensive cars, and a LearJet with a personal pilot worth $600,000. His Palm Beach neighbors complained that Edwards had so many cars in his driveway, that it looked like a car dealership.

He also spent on three losing racehorses, a limo business, and a fiber optics installation company. He also spent lavishly on medieval armor and swords to decorate his mansion -- most of it cheap knock offs of originals.

Within five years, he was broke.

Now let’s take a look at his BaZi.


A strong earth daymaster where water was his wealth. Water was strong in his chart. If water his wealth was strong why he had to live a rough life and was a convicted felon? He had reportedly spent about a third of his life in jail.

What changed in his BaZi in 2001 that had brought him his short lived huge fortune? And what changes in his BaZi that caused him to lose all his wealth in just five years?

There is a very fundamental BaZi rule that makes a good BaZi. What is this fundamental rule?

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