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Date Selection - The 12 Day Officers in Chinese Almanac 'Tong Shu'.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008
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The 12 Day Officers (建除十二神) in Chinese Alamanac "Tong Shu" 通書 is an entry level date selection technique in both FengShui and BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny applications that is essential for separating generic usable dates from good usable dates. This method is translated into 12 Day Officers or Deities. "Deity" here has no relation to spirit or godly features. There are used in both FengShui applications and BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny analysis.

The names of these 12 Day Officers are derived from the 12 types of Qi energy that govern the body of Qi for that particular day.

The concept of the 12 Day Officers is each single day of the month as under the control of an officer. There are together 12 officers, hence it named the 12 Day Officers.

This officer is derived from the particular day's branch "曰支" in a paticular month's month branch "月令". When a particular day's branch is the same as the month's branch, the officer is called "Establish 建 (Jian)". This means an Establish 建 (Jian) will always have the same earthly branch for that particular month.

An the following days are derived from the following sequence.

1. Establish 建 (Jian)
2. Remove 除 (Chu)
3. Full 满 (Man)
4. Balance 平 (Ping)
5. Stable 定 (Ding)
6. Initiate 执 (Zhi)
7. Destruction 破 (Po)
8. Danger 危 (Wei)
9. Sucess 成 (Cheng)
10.Receive 收 (Shou)
11.Open 開 (Kai)
12.Close 閉 (Bi)

Chinese Calendar Almanac Tong Shu 通書

Click here for Chinese Almanac "Tong Shu" 通書

Each one of the 12 officers is the governing body of Qi ad has a specific function. In short, using this technique for date selection is to match the body of Qi or officer to the activity that you have in mind.

It is incorrect to say that the qualities of Qi for a particular day is entirely positive or total negative. Sometimes it is the question of how you use the energy. Each day can be said to have positive and negative energy aspects to it, except of Success 成 and Destruction 破 day.

1. Establish 建 (Jian)

In older day, this was a day for the emperor to pray for good harvest. In modern life it is suitable for getting on a new job, business travelling, business transactions or dealings. This day is also suitable for proposing marriage but not marriage itself.

2. Remove 除 (Chu)

This day is usually used for cleansing activities. You also can interpret as the end of an relationship. Useful day for stock clearance sale.

3. Full 满 (Man)

This is a day when you ask for"much"of something in returns.It is good for signing agreements and official openings.

You can use this day for house warming or gathering.

4. Balance 平 (Ping)

This day is good for marriage, initiate constructiion works and commencing business negotiations.

5. Stable 定 (Ding)

This is a good day to start activities that have long term aspect to them and for activities that have lasting effect - like marriage.

Therefore, it is good to have this day to seal an agreement that span into long duration or finalise something permanently.Thus, it is good to start business on this day, getting married, house warming, seeking treatment and commencing construction.

6. Initiate 执 (Zhi)

This is the day that involve commencing of something like signing agreements and start a new project. Anything that involve new beginnings come use this day.

7. Destruction 破 (Po)

As its name suggests, use this day for activities that involve destroying something likes demolishing a buidling.

8. Danger 危 (Wei)

All dangers day contain danger stars so to say avoid dangerous or high risk activities.

9. Sucess 成 (Cheng)

This is the most auspicious day of the 12 type of days. It is good for marriage, propose marriage, submit a business proposal , move into a new house and for burial.

10.Receive 收 (Shou)

A receieve day is use to attain something likes a rewards. Use this day to start school, close a deal, ask for a raise, propose marriage and start a new job.

11.Open 開 (Kai)

This involve opening you premises to welcome your guests. Use for house warming, start a new job, and assume a new job.

12.Close 閉 (Bi)

Qi is unmoving and at its lowest point. Avoid major activities.

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