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Combination of flying stars in Feng Shui.

Friday, 16 March 2007
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Combination of flying stars.

In Feng Shui , 9 flying stars form special combinations of qi energies in the universe. Below are some important combination in Feng Shui. These Feng Shui combinations can be

1. of Mountain and Water stars,
2. of Mountain and Yearly stars, and
3. of Water and Yearly stars.

In Feng Shui, we emphasis stars to be either timely 当令时, it is always a good star even if it is the flying star 5 Fatal illness 大病位. When a star is untimely 失令时, it is always harmful.

When you are in luck 当运时 some bad stars can be very helpful to you.

Star 1:2. Star 1 Romance 桃华位 water star and star 4 Academic 文昌星 Wood star combination. Success in academic, military, promotion and romance. During your lucky cycle 当运时, ladies hold powers.

Star 2:3. Star 2 Sickness 小病位 earth star and star 3 Dispute 争斗星 wood star combination. "Fighting bull sha 斗牛煞" disputes, lawsuits,quarrels and abdominal disease. Use metal, earth produces metal and metal control wood.

Star 2:5. Star 2 Sickness 小病位 and star 5 Fatal illness 大病位 both belong to earth element. During your lucky cycle 当运时, money and gambling luck is good. However, if your not in good luck 失运时, this can bring about critical illness example cancer especially stomach related and even death. Use metal to control earth.

Star 3:8. Star 3 Dispute 争斗星 wood star and star 8 Wealth 左铺才星 earth star. Timely 当令时 produces scholar, and untimely 失令时 bring accidents and injury especially involving fingers, legs and back.

Star 4:8. Star 4 Academic 文昌星 wood star and star 8 Wealth 左铺才星 earth star. Timely 当令时 bring good wife and obedience sons and untimely 失令时 bring injury and stupidy in study.

Star 6:7. Star 6 Military 武曲星 and star 7 Robbery 破军星 both metal star. Timely 当令时 will produces powerful woman leaders. Untimely 失令时 will bring "Cross sword sha 交剑煞" which bring theft, legal entanglement, lawsuits, disputes, fights and quarrels; head and lung disease.

Star 7:2. Star 7 Robbery 破军星 and star 2 Sickness 小病位. Timely 当令时 will produces powerful woman leaders. Untimely 失令时 will bring disputes among the ladies. In River Map diagram, 2:7 combination - fire leading to fire hazard.

This list will be appended periodically.

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