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Cheung Tze-keung Hong Kong's King Of Thieves with the highest ransom recorded in the Guinness World Records

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Friday, 6 September 2019
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Cheung Tze-keung (Zhang Ziqiang) was a notorious Chinese gangster also known as "Big Spender"大富豪 or called “The crazy man “变态佬”. He was a kidnapper, robber, arms smuggler and was wanted for murder. He was best known for having masterminded the abduction of Walter Kwok and Victor Li, son of Li Ka Shing.

2019 HongKong movie “Chasing the Dragon II: Wild Wild Bunch” 追龍II:賊王 is based on his story.

 Cheung Tze-keung八字 BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny Patt Chee

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On 22 February 1990, he raided Kai Tak Airport where he hauled a HK$30 million consignment of Rolex wristwatches. Cheung Tze-keung partnered with Yip Kai-foon in a series of armed robberies. On 12 July 1991, Cheung Tze-keung returned to Kai Tak, where he robbed a security van, netting HK$167 million, Cheung was arrested in September 1991 and jailed for 18 years for the security van heist. However, he was acquitted and released after appeal in June 1995 when the judge ruled there was no case against Cheung as the evidence was filled with too many inconsistencies and the security guard who initially identified him recanted his testimony. His associate Yip Kai-foon, however, was sentenced to 41 years in jail.

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He sued HongKong government for wrong imprisonment and won HK8,000,000.

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1996-the highest ransom recorded by the Guinness World Records

On 23 May 1996, he kidnapped Victor Li Tzar-kuoi, son of Li Ka Shing, Cheung admitted he followed Li Ka-shing, then held him hostage in the Li Ka Shing’s own house for three days until the ransom was paid. The daring robber tied explosives to his waist and personally went to Li Ka-shing's residence to conduct negotiations regarding the amount. The 1.04 billion HK dollars in ransom, the highest amount recorded by the Guinness World Records.

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On 29 September 1997, he kidnapped Walter Kwok, chairman of Sun Hung Kai Properties.

What happened to his BaZi in 1997?
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He reportedly reaped HK$1.38 billion in ransom money from Li Ka-shing, and HK$600 million for Walter Kwok. It was believed at the time that these ransoms would merit an entry into the Guinness Book of World Records.

From these two kidnap, he got the name "Big Spender" 大富豪.


He was arrested in August 1998, and his gang of 35 were rounded up by mainland police. It was reported at the time of his capture that Cheung planned to kidnap Macau gambling magnate, Stanley Ho. Cheung is known to have lost at least $200 million in Ho's Macau casinos. He was sentenced to death by a court in Guangzhou and was executed by shooting on 5 December 1998 (aged 43)

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