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Carol's marriage - spouse star at Grave.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014
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官星入墓 or spouse star happened to be at “Grave” does it really means that you will not able to get a husband and destined to be alone forever? This question had being brought up during one of my lesson and the following BaZi belong to Miss Carol.

Bazi fengshui

She has only one spouse star sitting at her hour branch and can be considered as spouse in “Grave”. By the book, this means that she will only have one husband in her entire life or no husband at all – But is this always true?

More about her chart.

1. From her chart, we can tell that her husband is not as capable as her and he will earn lesser. She will help him financially and he might even ask her for money.

2. Her spouse palace is quite healthy without major clash, combination or punishment but the fact was that her first marriage did end in divorce.

3. She lacks of confident, always scare of losing; she is intranquil and restless.

4. Her sense of dominating is strong. She is likely to fall into the trap of manipulating her spouse and her idea is “If I do this, I will force my spouse to do that.” and “If I can make my husband happy enough, he will respond to my request.” She tries to win her partner’s affection by providing all the necessities like car, watches and some expensive stuff. Her “attempt to please” turns into a form of garrulous. The more she exhibits affection, the more he feels that he is losing his freedom. All efforts at manipulation will ultimately fail. No one wants to be controlled by the spouse.
Bazi fengshui

The fact was that she had her first love in 1999 but separated in 2001. Two years later in 2003, she met her first husband and married him in 2004. This marriage was only able to last for a few years and this marriage ended in divorced in 2009. Shortly after her divorce, she met another guy within the same year. Divorce and new love was clearly written in her BaZi. Will this new found love last? 2018 will tell...

Now, why 官星入墓 or spouse star happened to be at “Grave” and only with one spouse star can have more than one lover. The answer lies with the Ta Yun, year and palaces. And why was the divorce? Will another divorce is going to happen in 2018? The answer lies within the clashes, production and suppression between the 5 elements and the spouse star's element.

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