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Career success and failure事业成舆败.
Only need my “son” to meet with my “son of son” 只要我儿再见儿.

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Wednesday, 9 March 2016
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This is extracted from our
Correspondence course - Module 3 - Success and Failure.

Cindy Wu born on the 9 Feb 1963 in the Wei 未hour.

Ancient words has

~ 一出门来只见儿, 我儿成风构门闾

~ 只要我儿再见儿

What the above means? And how do they benefit?

First let count the Ten Gods. TianGan three Gan (stem) and DeZhi four Zhi (branch) 比 伤 and suppress 杀; the good suppresses the good and 己 杀 look like injured and means career and authority being restricted; 己 weak root and sat on strong 伤 , spouse star is injured affinity with her husband is low.

But she has a good husband and being very senior in her company. Why?

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DeZhi Ten Gods main Qi, sub Qi originally are a complete TianGan (stem), DeZhi (branch) are only the carrier and when we look at a BaZi to determine its quality we also need to look at main Qi and sub Qi by looking at their quality, their favorability, position, strength, element, suppression and production.

Each one of us is using some form of abilities or strength to accumulate wealth. There are four type of abilities

1. Intellect ability
2. Financial ability
3. Power ability
4. Strength ability or labor force

In BaZi 印伤are intellect ability, 劫财 are financial ability, 官杀are power ability and when in one’s BaZi these Ten Gods 十神 are favorable, strong and healthy and with supportive TaYun then one will be successful in society. If these favorable Ten Gods are missing, weak, unhealthy and do not have supportive TaYun, one have no choice but to use his strength to make his living.

Students please login. I will go through her early childhood and her first Ta Yun, year by year.

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