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Can we change Destiny? Can it be altered?

Saturday, 27 November 2010


There have being numerous number of time this same question was asked if they can change their destiny or I can suggest some ways to do it. I admit that I really hope that I have the power and ability to do so. I must say that

"it is very difficult to change destiny"

You can only know what is coming to you, be prepare and you sill have to go through whatever that being intended for you. You cannot run away. You can only minimize the effect or misfortune thru using FengShui, hark work, determination, do charity work and prays. Many overlook charity but doing charity is very important. When you meet some beggars, disabled person asking for money, be kind enough to give them a few dollars.

Doing prayers is also very important especially prayers and offering to your ancestors. Chinese people believe that if your ancestors from the other world are suffering, their suffering will affect their children and grand children.

You can also maximize your fortune thru fengshui, hard work and doing charity. Is someone that he can help you making tons of money by selling you a water dragon. All you have to do is place the dragon in your home but he is saying this without looking at your BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny. He probably wants to make $5 – $6 thousand you’re you more than helping you to make your wealth.

You may have heard similar cases that someone made big bucks and died suddenly. Take an example, when a person with not so wealthy BaZi won a few million dollar but at the same year he got cancer and died. This was because his BaZi overall cannot handle this big amount of money. He won because on that particular day he has super wealth luck but after that day his luck fell back to what his original BaZi has. Sudden huge wealth actually is bad for him. - BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny and FengShui
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