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Useful Ten Gods 喜用神 based on season 調候用神

Friday, 1 May 2020


People always say that if you were born in winter you need to use fire. No one can say this is wrong, this is the general rule but this is not the rule when come to BaZi. What to use is based on strong, weak, produce and suppress 旺弱生剋 and not the month you were born, hot or cold, dry or wet. Catching Useful Ten Gods 喜用神 is not about seasons, not about geography, is about five elements and their produce and suppress.

Now let’s take Mr Kwong’s BaZi as a proof.

八字 BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny Patt Chee

Gui 癸 water born in Zi 子 month need Bing 丙 fire to warm. He had Bing 丙 Yang fire and according to “born in season theory”, this Bing 丙 fire, 财 was his Useful Ten Gods 喜用神. If this was the case with Bing 丙 fire in his BaZi, why he died in his 1980 壬申 TaYun in 1982 壬戌? He succumbed to brain cancer. Bing 丙 fire was not useful at all.

This was because Bing 丙 fire was his favorable Ten Gods 喜神 and was not his Useful Ten Gods 喜用神. Useful Ten Gods 喜用神 safeguard one’s BaZi. According to 旺弱生剋 rule, strong water need to be weaken, and wood 伤食 were his Useful Ten Gods and 丙 fire was merely his favorable Ten Gods 喜神.

His two early TaYun, 乙亥and 甲戌 with wood 伤食 making them safe. Without wood in his 1980 壬申 TaYun in 1982 壬戌 year, strong water killed his favorable Bing 丙 fire. His chart was broken.

Useful Ten Gods 用神 are based on strong, weak, produce, suppress and not based on the month you were born.


「太陽轉西,日近西山,日照湖海,輔映光輝」,這又是甚麼五行生剋命理?這是地理不成?This is more towards geography instead of about BaZi 旺弱生剋. 調候用神 can be very misleading and wrong. - BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny and FengShui
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