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Best in wealth, worst in health in 2021.

Tuesday, 1 June 2021


This case was provided by our friend, Harry from Indonesia. Also with his questions.

He was very rich in 2021 but died in 2021. Now, let’s take look at his BaZi four pillar of destiny.


He was born into a poor family. He was very smart and good with people.
2005 was his turning point, he got a good opportunity to build his own business.

2008 declared bankrupt because of wrong investments.

2009 was also a very bad year for him, in terms of money

2010 he came back with his new partner on investments.

2013 he became rich! His new joint venture was successful. He was at his peak in 2015.

2017 But suddenly in 2017, because of wrong decision, he lost nearly all of his asset. He never recovered and work as employees.

2020, was a very bad year for him. He got fired from the job.

2021, end of Feb, he sold his land to start a new online business. And his land was purchased with an extremely good price. And he invested (again) in currency market. He gained a lot of money. Only a few months, his luck was very strong. And in May 2021, was at his peak of luck. He became rich again from many sources. The best of his whole life.

But on 17 may 2021, 14.20 pm. He sudden heart attack and passed away.

Scary thing. He got his best fortune in 2021. But he also lost his life. (He never had any heart disease before).

The following are Harry's questions.

Metal looks favorable (indeed), proven with wealth achievement. But become unfavorable at the same time, because of heart attack. Can we conclude metal is unfavorable? If yes, why when metal is strong, he became very rich?

First we need to decide his BaZi chart type. This is a weak Day master where, wood 劫比 are his wealth, fire 印卩 are his knowledge, skills and water 官杀 are his opportunities and changes. The clashes in his chart bring his roller-coaster kind of career and finance. Metal his 财才 is not his wealth and not his double edge sword. His double edge sword is Water 官杀. Whenever water is strong, he can make a lot of money with many opportunities. But when water become too strong, water will kill his favorable fire, fire is about his blood and heart. This was what happened to him.

Why 2020 was so bad for him? Look for his most Useful Ten Gods (喜用神) and you will see the answer. If you still cannot figure out the problem with his BaZi and his 2020, you can leave me a message in your Student section. - BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny and FengShui
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