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BaZi of a lady - I am going through a divorce right now.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015


I am going through a divorce right now. It's hard to believe this is my second time of divorce after the love I had for 5 years can turn into such deep hatred, so cruel and so fast... He asked for a divorce and it was like the world was crashing down on me and I couldn't stop shaking! It was horrible. We were married in 2011 and I decided to have a divorce last year in 2014. It is astonishing how the emotions that were very strong before, can just swing just as strongly in the opposite direction.

My first marriage was in 1995 and ended abruptly in 2004. It's all the lies and secrets that are coming out. And he had being so hurtful. Comparing me to his new girl. I tried hard to please him and did everything he asked, for 10 years. She's been with him just 5 weeks.

Hope I can get to the other side soon and escape from the hell of divorce. I will never want to be involved in any marriage from now on, at least this is what I keep telling to myself for now. I always had the love of my children and that never ends. Heart wrenching to go thru but I am sure there is light to my darkness eventually.

This is one of the many that I been through over the past 30+ years. Below is her BaZi and she was destined to have severe marriage issues in the 2014 and in 2004. What so destructive with both the years end with the number 4?

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