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BaZi : Uncle Lee : His career.

Monday, 31 December 2012
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In ancient China, looking at career is much easier. Normally there are scholars and those work for the imperial courts. When we see strong education stars he is a scholar and when we see strong military stars he works for the imperial court.

In modern society, looking at career is much more complicated. People try to bring the 5 elements into each type of career. Career by element should only be your reference and you should not take it too die-hard serious. There are two reasons.

Reason 1.

When you are in housing construction your career belongs to Earth, if you work for a bank you are related to Metal, Publishing is Wood, Acting is Water and Marketing is Fire. Is that so simple and straightforward? All career belong to multiple elements for example if you work for a bank as their Marketing Director do you consider your works relate to Metal or Fire, or Metal and Fire or sometimes Metal and sometimes Fire…..

Reason 2.

Choosing career should be based on you interest and your ability and your working/career environments. If you have strong and healthy useful Ten Gods together with your lucky Ta Yun, no matters what type of career and what type of elements that you have chosen, you are going to prospers. In contrast, if you are one of the unlucky with weak or hurt or without useful gods your ability to compete is low and you will not have the luxury to choose your career according to your lucky element. You must grab any single opportunity that comes your way - getting a good offer is already so tough do you still want to talk about its element!

Now let us look at Uncle Lee’s BaZi.

BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny – Personality, wealth, career

1. Because of his very strong hostile "Pian Yin"- metal, he must work hard for his money. He works very hard but he is not rich. Money will come and will go. The more money he make the more he use.

2. With his strong metal, no matter what elements his job is related, he will not be rich and successful. He just does not have the ability and what it takes to become successful.

3. He must work for someone or for the government. He does not have the strength and luck to run his own business. If he does, he will lose his money.

4. He will not have much authority and power in his job.

5. He will not be rich at his older age.

He was once being told that he was going to be a top officer in some organization. It was right to say that if his favorable “Qi-Sha” are not combined and become his hostile “Pian-Yin”. He worked as a middle level officer with the government until he retired.

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