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BaZi : The story of Ah May : Her BaZi violates Fan Yin Fu Yin.

Monday, 28 January 2013
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"Fu Yin" happens when one pillar's stem/branch are exactly the same as another pillar for example hour pillar with Ding sitting on You and month pillar with Ding also sitting on You. Fu Yin can be bad or good depends on what are the Ten Gods, favorable or hostile their element and so on. "Fan Yin" happens when one pillar clashes with another pillar. Pillar clash indicates instability and usually not good.

Now take a look at Ah May's BaZi Four Pillar of Destiny.

BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny – Personality, wealth, career

By simply looking at her BaZi, should she be a strong day master? After carefully evaluating all the elements, their position and their inter-relations, no doubt she is a WEAK day master. This is further confirmed from her life events. If she is a strong day master she will have a totally different kind of life.

1. Her wealth stars “Bi-Jian” are all sitting at a very unfavorable position. Her wealth luck will not be good.

2. Her wealth stars “Bi-Jian” have not much protections, money comes and goes easily leaving her not much of saving.

3. Her spouse palace under attack from left and right, her marriage will not be good. Her husband will treat her badly. She married a much older man who already have 2 kids.

4. Her own children luck is very poor. She had an abortion in 1998 under her husband instruction.

4. She will feel oppressed and she will be bullied by her husband, her bosses, hostile peoples and the last one is accident and/or diseases.

5. Violates Fan Yin and Fu Yin 命犯反吟伏吟– she is prone to sickness and accident.

The bad of Fan Yin and Fu Yin must be double confirmed from your Ta Yun. Under my files, there are many having Fu Yin and/or Fan Yin but not all are bad. Many of them are professional, successful entrepreneur, high pay senior managers; many of them are already in their fifties and they can’t seem to have any bad things like serious accidents, very sick or other calamities that have happened to them.

My next article will discuss about her marriage.

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