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BaZi : Alan wants to know the truth.

Friday, 10 April 2015
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When we talk about BaZi special charts many believe that these kind of BaZi charts will have an upper hand in various endeavours in their career, love life and many more. Yes these are true for many but not for all.

BaZi chart is life 命 “ming” and Ta Yun is luck 运 “yun”. By having a good BaZI or life or 命 is the basic to get rich and by having a good Ta Yun is the timetable to get rich.

Alan is my main character here. He started reading BaZi books in the last couple of years in his cell and he told his life history through one of his friend. His BaZi is shown below.

Bazi fengshui

He is a “Cong” ge a pure follower chart. He has quite a good chart.

But he has a very disastrous 2 Ta Yun; Geng Shen (1991-2000) and Xin You (2001-2010).

He did many wrongdoings in these 2 Ta Yun; involved in gangsterism, being member of organized crime syndicates, protection racketeering and drug trafficking. He was caught in 2009 and sentenced to 13 years in jail. He will be out around 2018 after deducting all the holidays…

Note to all my students: What are the worst Tian Gan 天干?What are the worst DiZhi 地支?Once you find them you will know why 2009 was the worst year for him.

Now the questions is will he be able to stand up again? He has consulted 2 Masters before.

1. Sifu A predicted he will be very rich in 2027 丁未 year but Sifu B predicted that he will not be able to get rich.

2. But both Sifus came to the term that he can only live until 2032.

Now Alan wants to know the truth.

Bazi fengshui

In his Gui Hai Ta Yun when his wealth being strengthen it is indeed a rich Ta Yun. In 2022 Ren Yin when his useful gods and favorable gods being strong and healthy he will have some lucky and auspicious encounters. In 2023 he make much more money. And the following years will be his money making years.

The famous question. How much money? 4 million, 40 million or 400 million? The exact figure no one will be able to tell you. Mr. Lee Shau Kee one of the richest man in Hong Kong. His is a strong Jia 甲 wood and he has 5 wealth star earth. As at 2015 he has a total of USD 25 billion. Another person with 3 wealth star will he has USD 15 billion; 1 wealth star = USD 5 billion? This is because of the persons’ differences in his BaZi, Ta Yun, years, the environment that he is working, the country, the economy of the country and there are so many other factors.

Bazi fengshui

Now look at 2032. 2032 when 反吟伏吟 Fan Yin Fu Yin pillar clashes with month and year pillar with water and fire clashing which make him more prone to injuries. But his useful gods are not dead. Looking at the whole chart, water and fire clash saved by the Jia Yi wood; he will be around after 2032.

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