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BaZi : A former Feng Shui practitioner who failed to see his future.

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Saturday, 14 March 2015
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He is a former Feng shui geomancer. He made hundred of millions in his golden years. Had he saw this? Maybe he has or maybe not. But recently, he was convicted of two criminal fraud charges and he was sentenced to 12 years in prison. Can he also see this coming? Or he cannot really understand what he saw from his BaZi? Or maybe he did not want to accept? He told reporter earlier that he is going to win the case and walk away as a free man. He looked very surprised as he heard the sentence and the number of years that he will need to spend in jail. Maybe he cannot get what he saw or cannot understand what it meant. He was jailed in a year that his useful god revealed and maybe he was too happy to see what underneath the whole picture. He was given the opportunity to settle the case outside the court but he turned down the proposal. Maybe he really do not understand what was coming to him.

He was born in Dec 23 1959 at between 9pm and 11pm. Below is his BaZi.

Bazi fengshui

Task 1. First step is to decide his BaZi structure. It is strong, weak, zhuan or cong?

Warning: There might be some wrong charts which were purposely put here to test your skill.

Task 2. Find out what his BaZi most afraid of. What is his calamity Ten Gods or element?

Task 3. Plot his Ta Yun to see which are his best Ta Yun.

Bazi fengshui

Task 4. Find out the year when he started to make a lot of money. I am talking money in millions.
There was another year that he was caught and convicted of credit card fraud. Find out the year.

Bazi fengshui

Task 5. Find out the worst year in his life.

Bazi fengshui

Task 6. After you have found his worst year, try do decide which month was his worst from the selection below.

Task 7. Now, you must try to find the day from the above month when the judge passed the jail sentence. Take out your Ten Thousand Years calendar.

Now, who is he?

To some he was known as the Feng Shui conman. There was one particular FengShui arrangement that he once used that amazed me. This is known as “FengShui testament”. This is how he wants it to work. When someone is in bad luck, a testament will be created and all wealth will be transfer to another person for safeguarding. When his bad luck is finally over the money will be return to him. Really amazing but there are still peoples believed him!!

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