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BaZi Part 3 of 7. Multimillionaire who filed for bankruptcy. His Fourth Ta Yun. Another multimillionaire Ta Yun but ...

Saturday, 28 January 2012
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Many of us (except those lucky few) are having one or more Ta Yun or years that indicated that we will lose some of our wealth. The severity of your lost will depend on how severe if your wealth stars being cornered. Some spending is for necessity and some are not.

Many loses money because they are greedy and wanted to generate more wealth without knowing that their luck is running low and without knowing that their decision might be wrong. This is very true for those who lose lot money in their investments.

"How can we know if we make the right decision in investments? Do our BaZi Four Pillars show any indications? "

"Very often our BaZi will provide some clues. "

Now let look at our friend’s fourth Ta Yun. Looking at this Ta Yun and if you have been following my articles, you should be able to see that there was strong indication that money was going to be lost in this Ta Yun.

However, you must remember when you see your money spending stars it does not necessary means bankrupt or losing a lot of money. It can also be your necessity; you are buying a new house to stay, spending your money on your health, sending your children to study abroad and so on. You must also remember that you still have years. Only with the right combinations with the years together with ten gods combination and/or transformation, one will lose a lot of money or even bankrupt.

feng shui Bazi profiling on Multi millionaires who filed for bankruptcy.n
Chart 1. His fourth Ta Yun.

There was one very unfavorable star for his wealth generation sitting at this Ta Yun branch. This was a signal of losing wealth.

"Do not panic when you see the similarity in your Ta Yun. It might only be false alarm or the severity is different from each BaZi chart."

Now look at the years in his Ta Yun.

feng shui Bazi profiling on Multi millionaires who filed for bankruptcy.n
Chart 2. The first few years in his fourth Ta Yun.

The first few years were very good in term of money generation. He was even richer in these few years.

But how about the following years? In the following part 4, I will tell you which years he was starting to make some very serious wrong decisions.

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