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BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny of an abduction victim

Thursday, 4 December 2008
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Is there any truth that from our BaZi Four Pillars we can see this is coming to our children? The answer is YES but only to the extend to say that some disaster is going to happen in a particular year. It can be traffic accident, drown, fallen from the top of a building but it never able to pinpoint exactly what kind of disaster.

Now can we answer the following questions?. How severe it is going to be? Will he or she be safe? Or it is just another nightmare and when she wake up the next day, everythings is back to normal?

Again the answer is Yes, we have the answer and accuracy can go up to 80 to 90%. For example when a child was abducted but his luck is not at his lowest and help is still available, he still has the chance to survive. Again when I said lowest I meant all his favorable stars are all killed and death. This is what we called "Po Ju 破局".

All of us have our 10 years luck cycle. Once we go into a new 10 years cycle "Ta Yun 大运" and this cycle is very bad, all our favorable stars are struggling to survive, the disaster will not happen immediately. The calamity will come when in a particular year and at a particular month all the favorable stars are being killed and death.

Now that an example.

She was born on Jan. 20, 1975.

The 6 year old victim went to church service with her mother and disappeared after telling her mom that she want to use restroom.

Her body was found in a dumpster 3 miles from the church the following day. Victim was strangulated, smashed in the face and sexually assaulted.

Can you explain this death? The answer almost jumps out from the chart as shown below.

BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny of an abduction victim

1. She was a strong DayMaster 日元 "ri yuan".

2. Her favorable star is "Direct Wealth 正財" at the hour stem and "Hurting officer 伤官" at the day branch.

3. Stem : Wood produce Fire. Fire suppress Metal and Metal suppress Wood! The situation is tense, waiting to explode.

3. Branch: Earth is battling with Wood! Again the situation is no way better. Strong enemy is killing her alliance.

4. Hour pillar. Metal is exahusted as sitting on Wood. Again her alliance is tired and exhausted.

5. Her first deacde "Ta Yun 大运" started 1979. The combination and transformation took away the only favorable star at the stem level. And at branch level Water produces Wood and battling fiercely with Earth. During this ten years, she will definitely face severe tragedy.

In 1980, 1980 clashes with her two pillars 天剋地冲. All her favorable stars were weak and either they were totally taken away or face with strong enemy, all her already weak favorable stars are battling a losing battle, were serverly injured and being killed.

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