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BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny - Balance BaZi Chart. Is the BaZi really balance? Many super rich have only 3 elements.

Sunday, 5 December 2010


Basically in Bazi our Four Pillar of Destiny, we need to see our Daymaster be able to survive, manifest and prosper.

Somehow, for the seek of astrological purposes we need to redefine the term balance, because strictly speaking, in Four Pillars od Destiny the term balance can also point to a seemingly ‘unbalanced’ situation, where the perceived unbalanced situation was in itself in fact just another form of balance – equilibrium -, in a way providing a person the exact resources and determinations one would need to accomplish in his or her life. There are many very rich and famous persons around the world which only have 3 elements – “unbalanced” but they did excel in life. The secret is that all their elements are their favorable elements or put in term of Astrology, all of them are their favorable gods and useful gods. Therefore, it requires you to contemplate on what ‘balance’ means in Traditional Chinese Medication – or within the realm of physical, mental and spiritual health matters – and what ‘balance’ pertains to as an astrological term.

True enough that our favorable elements can help us obtain balance in our BaZi Four Pillar of Destiny. But in the strictest form and against the popular teachings still, it may not be amongst our most essential tasks to seek to restore balance in a Bazi chart if this only means that we were merely counting the number of elements just by way of their absence or abundance in a chart without seeing the actual affects of them in our BaZi. Now it becomes our most important and sacred task to ensure the smooth flow of “Qi” in a chart and the what would be popularily regarded balance, may then come in second.

One more very important issue. The position of the elemnts, ten gods or deities are very important. It will be useless if you have a balance of of the elements but they are located in such a way that they are always ready for battles and situated in a very unstable position.

In short two main thing is needed.

1. The position must be in production cycle.

2. The useful elements of gods must be stronger than the bad elements or annoying gods. There is no point to have your useful gods producing a much stronger hostile or annoying gods.

For example a seemingly ‘balanced’ chart but at the end only the bad elements or annoying god Jì Shén 忌神 are beneficial and become stronger and your good element or Useful God, Yòng Shén 用神 getting much weaker, then this is just another form of unbalance. - BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny and FengShui
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