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In BaZi Four Pillars Of Destiny, Sub Qi are as important as the main Qi. You must not ignore them.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018
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When you are in the process to decide the strength of the daymaster or any of the 10 stems 天干, you must not ignore the presence of their sub-qi. Each sub-qi can have major contributions to the strength of the 10 stems in the process of produce and generate 生剋 in our daily BaZi Four Pillars analyses.

A 甲 Jia wood at stem has the same strength as a Jia 甲 wood at branch. Jia 甲 wood is still Jia 甲 wood does not differ in strength only how they interact with others. This applied to all others 10 stems. It is wrong to consider one 甲 Jia wood at branch is 3 times stronger than one 甲 Jia wood at stem.

Now, let's take 甲 Jia wood as an example and see how their strength differ when sit on different branches.


甲戌 Jia Xu, 甲 wood weaken by suppressing 戌 , 甲 wood weaken being suppressed by 辛 Xin metal, and exhausted by 丁 fire. Therefore, 甲 Jia wood from average weak to very weak.

甲辰 Jia Chen, 甲 wood rooted at 乙 Yi wood, and乙 wood has support from 癸 Gui water. Therefore, 甲 Jia wood from average weak turn into strong.

甲申 Jia Shen, 甲 suppressed by 庚 metal – very weak but with 壬 Ren water, 甲 becomes small strong.

甲子 Jia Zi, 甲 wood remains as small strong.

甲午 Jia Wu, 甲 wood exhausted by丁 fire, but 甲己 combined earth -甲 wood remains as average weak.

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