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BaZi - Can I change my destiny by buying Feng Shui products?
Does a Bazi reading require you to buy any Feng Shui products or ornaments to cure the bad things or elements you are lacking of?

Tuesday, 12 May 2015


The answer is NO.

In Bazi Four Pillars all form of cures comes from within yourself in the form of human actions - what you do is what you get.

For example, if your Bazi needs fire, you got to find out what fire means to you in your Bazi Four Pillars. If fire to you means your husband, find a partner, get married and your husband will bring you good luck. This does not mean you have to wear all red cloth, drive red car, eat more red apple, stay near a fire station.

Another example. If your Bazi Four Pillars needs water and water means business partner in your entrepreneurship, you need to find a partner for your business. He or she will bring you luck. It does not mean you have to drink more water, stay near the seaside or buy some form of blue color Pi Xiu, crystals or jades!

Buying of objects does not cure whatever problems you have in your Bazi Four Pillars chart. This is commercialized Feng Shui. For you to cure it, you have to put in your own effort. It has to come from within yourself, your effort and determination and with practices.

Here is another example. If your Bazi Four Pillars chart indicates that there is a chance of extra marital affairs or intrusion of a 3rd party into your marriage in your current luck pillar Ta Yun or during certain age, do you think that by wearing an expensive accessories will repel that person? Do you really think that these expensive stuffs from the many shops have some form of magic powers that can get rid of your Peach Blossom or “Toa hua” your romance luck?

Do not dream anymore and you need to wake up!

The only way to solve this problem is on you. If you cannot resist the temptation, if you cannot control your urge whatever you wear is not going to help you. The only way to solve this issue is to reject any 3rd party coming in and you change your destiny. Sound simple right? But it always sound easier than you actual doing it.

The only way to change your destiny is to be ready for what is coming and change the way your handle the circumstances. The power is within yourself.

There was one most absurd cases that I have come across in 2014. It involved a date selection for a wedding and a BaZi matching. The bride-to-be came to me and told me that she went to a famous Feng Shui Sifu to select her wedding date and paid $500++ for it. Under some unavoidable circumstances she was not able to use the selected date and she try to contact the shop and was told that the master was not available and will not entertain her. The reason was he was in seclusion practicing “闭关修练” and don’t entertain anyone! This like those in Hong Kong comic. Personally, to me, this is just an excuse. Anyway, this is also why after that, she found me through the internet and came to me to re-calculate the date.

She prompted me a very strange question “Can I wear diamond ring?” I asked her why and she mentioned that the previous Feng Shui master said that her Bazi cannot wear diamond ring as it will jinx her husband and bring him very bad luck. Hence, the master recommended her a jade ring from his shop that is very expensive $4888!!. Fortunately, being a smart girl, she didn’t buy the ring. However, this leaves a fear in her memory a black dot. She told me that she haven’t buy a diamond ring for her wedding yet and she is afraid that it will curse her husband. I told her not to be afraid, go ahead and buy one. I assured her that it will not bring harm in any way!

In this field, there are many self-proclaimed famous masters that gave this metaphysical science a bad name. In order to sell their products, they resort to all kinds of unethical practices, especially using the famous fear factor. Hopefully, after reading this, you will not be lured into such tricks by these kind of masters and their shops again. - BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny and FengShui
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