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BaZi, FengShui and our luck

Friday, 23 October 2009
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Do you believe that Feng Shui has some influences on our luck? Consider FengShui as our environment. For you who are living in a developed nation and are havng very good luck, and now almost whatever you wish come true and if and only if you live in another part of the world that suffer poverty, famine, and war, do you still think you will have all the luxury?

If you are currently having a great job with big income and live in a modern city, have you ever wondered what is the live of another guy who was born on the same day and time as you living in another country that suffer poverty?

FengShui as a living environment will definitely influence one's life and their luck.

From statictis that being gathered, it shows that people with good Feng Shui , when they meet with mishaps or traffic accident, their injury were minimized or were not severe. Another study in Taiwan about air-crash victims showed that their house Feng Shui tend to have problem like their houses are facing the void line (where no Qi or energy coming into their house). And all the victims were having their lower luck year or cycle.

Therefore, it seems like some kind of relatonship between one's Feng Shui and BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny. When one's individual luck is bad, with good Feng Shui it will mitigate the negative effect. If one has good luck but his house Feng Shui is bad, the negative effect will less severe. With bad personal luck and bad Feng Shui, one's life is very tough and are very challenging.

There are people who do not believe in 3 Killings San Sha (三煞) and 5 yellow yearly FengShui affliction and they disturbed this particular area and bragged about nothing bad has happen. When it did not happen it does not mean it will not happen. It did not happen because your luck was high at that time and it does not guarantee ith will not happen when your luck is on the low side. The negative effect may come a few years later when your luck is low! Very few people can enjoy good luck all the time.

There was a case that happened some years ago in Taiwan. A Taiwan’s China Airline had a crash with many of its executives killed on-board. Taiwan Feng Shui masters had traced back that the company had violated San Sha few years ago when they built their new headquarters.

BaZi Four Pillar of Destiny

Okay now fengshui is environment and how does fengshui relate to BaZi our Four Pillars of Destiny?

BaZi is our map and is our pre-written paths. In each of our of BaZi, we have our Ta Yun or our 10 years luck periods. During this luck period our luck are keep changing but our environment may or may not change. Of course we can purposely use fengshui to make changes for some intended purposes.

There are two scenarios.

1. When our BaZi shows that our luck is going to change, with or without the fengshui or environment changes, our luck will still change.You are not given a choice on this one.

2. When our BaZi does not shows any changes in luck, then even with fengshui or environment changes, under normal circumstances. our luck will not change drastically. But of course there will be improvements. How much improvements will depend on our luck.

Therefore, BaZi our Four Pillars of Destiny is taking the higher priority as compare with FengShui.

Your “Ta Yun” or 10 years luck periods are more important than your Bazi Four Pillars of Destiny (the 8 characters) and Feng Shui . For example, you can have an superb and excellent BaZi 8 characters chart but without good Ta Yun, you will not prosperous.

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