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Auspicious Dates for Chinese New Year 2014.

Thursday, 30 January 2014
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Auspicious dates to start work / 開巿、開工吉日

4th Feb 2014 Tue – Clash Rat 冲鼠正月初五(星期二)
5th Feb 2014 Wed – Clash Ox 冲牛正月初六(星期三)
7th Feb 2014 Fri – Clash Rabbit 冲兔正月初八(星期五)
8th Feb 2014 Sat – Clash Dragon 冲龍正月初九(星期六)
12th Feb 2014 Wed – Clash Monkey 冲猴正月十三(星期三)

Date For Blessings / 祈福吉日

1st Feb 2014 Sat – Clash Rooster 冲雞正月初二(星期六)
4th Feb 2014 Tue – Clash Rat 冲鼠正月初五(星期二)
5th Feb 2014 Wed – Clash Ox 冲牛正月初六(星期三)
7th Feb 2014 Fri – Clash Rabbit 冲兔正月初八(星期五)
13st Feb 2014 Thu – Clash Rooster 冲雞正月十四(星期四)
14th Feb 2014 Fri – Clash Dog 冲狗正月十五(星期五)

Direction of Auspicious and Inauspicious gods on NEW YEAR day 31-1-2014 / 正月初一吉凶方位

Cai Shen 財神 / Wealth God – South -正南方
Xi Shen 喜神 / Joy God – South -正南方
Gui Shen 貴神 / Nobility God – East – 正東方
Ji Men 吉門 / Lucky Door – North West –西北方
Sheng Men 生門 / Living Door – North – 正北方
Kai Men 開門 / Open Door – West -正西方
Wu Gui 五鬼 / Five Devils – South East – 東南方
Si Men 死門 / Dead Door – South – 正南方
E Shen 噩神 / Wicked Deity – Center/Heaven – 在天

:- Auspicious Time to invite Auspicious gods on Lunar New Years Day / 接神吉時.

1) Between 12.00am to 12.59am – Clash Monkey and Horse 日冲猴, 時冲馬.

2) Between 01.00am to 02.59am – Clash Monkey and Lamb 日冲猴, 時冲羊.

3) Between 03.00am to 04.59am – Clash Monkey 日冲猴, 時冲猴.

4) Between 5.00am to 06.59am – Clash Monkey and Rooster 日冲猴, 時冲雞.

5) Between 07.00am to 08.59am – Clash Monkey and Dog 日冲猴, 時冲狗.

6) Between 09.00am to 10.59am – Clash Monkey and Pig 日冲猴, 時冲豬.

7) Between 11.00am to 12.59pm – Clash Monkey and Rat 日冲猴, 時冲鼠

Wishing You and your Family a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year.

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