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Ashraf Sinclair

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Thursday, 20 February 2020


Ashraf Sinclair was an English-born Malaysian actor who was well known for his role as Eddy in the 2005 film Gol & Gincu.

Ashraf Sinclair rose to fame when he starred in a Petronas commercial, entitled Kasut Gombak in 1998, which is also starring Vanidah Imran.He was also known for being a host of Box Office Now that was once aired on ntv7. Aside from the movie Gol & Gincu, he also acted in Gol & Gincu The Series as well as Realiti which were aired on 8TV.

Ashraf Sinclair married Indonesian singer Bunga Citra Lestari on 8 November 2008. The couple met when he was hosting Beat TV and Bunga Citra Lestari was promoting her album in Malaysia back in April 2008.

On 18 February 2020, Sinclair died of a heart attack at Metropolitan Medical Centre in Jakarta. On the same day, his remains were buried in San Diego Hills, West Java, after Asar prayers.

Now let’s take a look at his BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny.

Ashraf Sinclair 八字 BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny Patt Chee

In his BaZi, 丁 fire inside 未 Wei Goat is about his heart. 丁 fire sits beside 乙 wood which protect and produce fire. When water is too strong, the chances for this丁 fire to get hurt are high.

On 18 Feb 2020, strong water clashed with his 丁 fire. This explains his heart attack.

Heart attack was inevitable but now comes the questions.

1.Why his Yi 乙 wood and with 寅卯 wood failed to protect 丁fire? 8 Feb 2020, 辛卯 day in 戊寅 month when wood was strong.

2.At 40, in order for him to succumb to this heart attack, his favorable Ten Gods must be seriously injured and exhausted. He still have strong earth revealed and rooted. But this did not help him.

If he was aware of his problem, could he had survived?


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