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Are 'Smart' Kids Born Smart? Smart kids and their BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny.

Thursday, 16 July 2009


Have ever you noticed that some kids that are brilliant at school, but they do not need to study hard? They are just smart. Their concentration and memory are just perfect. Are they born with the luck? A gift from heaven?

They was a boy that always spent a few hours a day in front of his computer or playstation. He was doing the same routine even when his examination was drawing near. He did study but with minimum efforts. His mother doesn't seem worried. I asked her and guest what was the answer. "Let fate take its own course". When the result came out, he scored straight A's.

Parents always hope for the best future for their children. They try to get into the best schools, invest their money in numerous musical and art lessons and start reading to their infants before birth. Can any of this help your child become a smart kid and be successful? Or all this is pre-destined?

Your can said that all this is just coincidence. BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny are formed not based on superstition and old beliefs, but based on statistics. These statistics have been around for a few thousand years. And periodically, new statistics have being gathered for confirmation. From all these BaZi statistics, it shows that up to 90% of all the smarts kids have a kind of layouts or combinations. These combinations lay down an internal system that will affect your child's future abilities for learning and interacting. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that smart kids are destined to be smart.

A smart kid must have at least one "10 years luck cycle (大运 "ta yun") which have "strong" eduaction stars, the stars shows and are not hidden. Remember "strong" also depend on both the BaZi chart, the "Ta Yun" and the years. You cannot solely depend on only one of them. During this 10 years he or she will be smart in school and learning just a fun stuff for them. And the timing is very important, for example, if the "Ta Yun" happened to be at their education period i.e. from age 5 to 25 than it is excellent. But if it only happen after the age of 30 than it will not help much in their eduaction. The child will need to study hard and spend much more time in their education.

Now take an example. She was born 27 August 2006

Bazi - four pillars of destiny for smart kids
Chart 1. Her BaZi Four Pillar of Destiny chart.

About her chart.

1. Her education stars at at her heavenly stem level. Support is far and weak. If support is weak, can we say that she is not really a smart student.

2. She looks smart, no doubt. But is she really smart?

3. Wait until you see her first two "Ta Yun". You must keep in mind that never to conclude anything just based on BaZi chart alone.

Bazi - four pillars of destiny for smart kids
Chart 2. Her first two "10 years luck cycle (大运 "ta yun")

About her first two "Ta Yun" which are her schooling time.

1. Look at both "Ta Yun". All the four characters are printed in red. Both are very good "Ta Yun".

2. Her education stars are being enforced during this period of time. Twenty years from the age of 7. This period is enough for her to complete her study.

3.The second "Ta Yun" is even better than the first one.

4. Now we can make our conclusion. Yes, she is a smart student and are born smart. - BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny and FengShui
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