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A pick from my case file. What were the changes in her marriage, career and finance in 2009? Good or bad?

Thursday, 3 May 2012
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This lady came to me in 2008 and was very concerned about her marriage. Her relationship with her husband was not good but not the violence type. It was just dull and lack of sparks.

She wanted to know what was in store for her in the coming year and what was the changes that was going to happen in the coming years.

Now let us go through her current Ta Yun and 2009. Her BaZi is not available here as to protect her identity.

feng shui Bazi profiling on love and marriage She went for my 20 years BaZi analysis and 2009 analysis is shown below.

These were what I told her.

1. Your marriage in 2009 is not stable and a bit rocky. Most probably there is going to be some changes to your marriage.

2. If there are changes to your marriage, the process will be a calm and peaceful one.

3. There chances of a new suitor are high. But he will not be your new love.

4. There is also going to be some changes in your career. You might find yourself looking for others job.

5. The chances of your father getting very sick are very high. Please take him for earlier medical checkup and take extra care and precautions.

6. The chances of you getting sick in 2009 are also high. Again go for an earlier medical checkup.

7. The chances of you getting a small fortune are foreseen.

These were what actaully happened to her.

1. She was separated from her husband in 2009. (correct)

2. One night she told her husband “It will be better if we get divorce”. Her husband answered “Let me find a new home then I will move out”. After two weeks her husband moved out and the divorce process followed suit. (correct)

3. In the same year, there was another admire going after her. But she was not keen. (correct)

4. She worked in her husband company. Now, she will need to find another job. She started her own business.(correct)

5. He father was very sick and died in 2009. It was predicted that he will be sick but not death. Why death? BaZi's reason not shown from her daughter's BaZi. (partially correct)

6. She went through a surgery to remove a lump in her chest. (correct)

7. Her father left her a small fortune. (correct)

This is one of my cases. Remember not all years have so many changes else it will be a very headache life. Some years are very stable with no changes.

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