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2022 RenYin 壬寅 Tiger year

Thursday, 11 November 2021


2022 is almost here…

Get ready and be auspicious together. The annual afflictions change with it in every home, office, shop and building all around the world.

The wellbeing of our families, including their health, happiness, good relationships and wealth is dependent on an orderly, harmonious home.

We step into RenYin 壬寅, Water Tiger year from 04:57am 04 Feb 2022 and ends at 10:46am 04 Feb 2023.

2022 RenYin  壬寅 Tiger year 八字 BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny Patt Chee

2022 Tiger year Flying stars

2022 RenYin Tiger year 壬寅 八字 BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny Patt Chee

Important: 2022 is a very special year. In this 2022 RenYin 壬寅 year, the first starting month is also RenYin 壬寅 from 04:57am 04/02/2022 -- 10:53pm 05/03/2022. If you encounter bad experiences during this period of time, you must be extra craeful in 2022.

The Hetu 河圖 "Yellow River Chart" and the Luoshu 洛書 (also written 雒書) "Inscription of the River Luo" were two cosmological diagrams used in ancient China.

By having 2022 Flying stars the same as the Hetu, it can be a challenging and hectic year for everyone. The very rich get richer and the poor get poorer. More middle class suffer. The gap between the rich and the poor become wider.

You want to improve your house's luck and prosper in 2022 but you do not know how.

In 2022, Wealth star resides at your North East of your home or office. This new vibrant Qi is suppose to boost up your luck but do you really know how and what to do?

You will need to look out for afflicted sectors and take the necessary steps to suppress the inauspicious stars or enhance the auspicious ones.

Use a good compass to accurately determine the facing direction of your main door of your home. Then refer to following sections with all the arrangements and charts and use them wisely. You need to set your priority right in order to choose which Feng Shui arrangement to use. For example if you more on wealth, then you choose the wealth enhancing, if your health is not that good then choose the health enhancing arrangement.

~ You will need to carry out these changes in two steps. ~

The first step is to harmonious your home.

First step, you have to harmonious your house Feng Shui base on your house facing. This can be done by using the outline arrangements outline in the section “House facing and its Feng Shui arrangements.” There are altogether 16 types of facing. You will need to get a good compass to accurately determine the facing direction of your main door of your home. After you have the facing then match the chart that you need to use. Put in the arrangements. This is similar to what was shown below.

2022 RenYin  壬寅 year 八字 BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny Patt Chee

The second step is to enhance what you need most.

Second step, after you have harmonized your house, you can then choose your next Feng Shui enhancement base on your priority. You can choose for example to enhance your wealth or enhance your health. Sometimes you can have both but sometimes you are not so lucky.

They will improve your house’s luck and indirectly improve your luck. If your house is already having good Feng Shui they will make it even better, you will see much better career prospects and opportunities and are able to maximize your wealth accumulation. If your house’s Feng Shui is bad they will help you to reduce the disastrous effects and can help you to avoid calamities.
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