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His 2022 RenYin 壬寅 Tiger year

Friday, 5 November 2021


He is from Singapore and currently he is working as an engineer in Thailand. He did quite well in his last XinChou 辛丑 TaYun (2011-2021). Comparatively, this XinChou 辛丑 TaYun (2011-2021) was the best for him.

Now, let’s take look at his BaZi four pillar of destiny.


He is a strong Bing 丙 fire daymaster. His career stars are 官杀 water. In his last XinChou 辛丑TaYun (2011-2021), 2 丙 fire combined with 辛 to create strong water his opportunity and career stars. At the same time metal was strong. Strong metal together with strong water had brought him many opportunities. He migrated to Thailand, started a business and later married a local.

Now look at his 2021 GengZi 庚子 (2021-2030). 2021 is also XinChou 辛丑 which is the same as his last TaYun (2011-2021). Even though, business is not doing good but it’s still making money.

What is going to happen to him in 2022?

In 2022 RenYin 壬寅 year he is going to face many issues. It can be with his health, his income and he can also face some issues in his marriage. His health will suffer especially from 04/02/2022 -- 05/03/2022 RenYin 壬寅 month in this 2022 RenYin 壬寅 year. It’s going to be with his blood, heart and lung. This can bring him long term complications. - BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny and FengShui
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