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2018 - Auspicious/ inauspicious times on the
1st day of the Lunar New Year for prayers and visits.

Saturday, 10 February 2018
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Chinese New Year in 2018 is on Friday, the 16th of February (16/2/2018).
This is not a good day for major events like Move into a new house, Groundbreaking and etc.

You must select a good time to start the year.

Auspicious time to pray and make your offering include

RAT 甲 子 Jia Zi 11pm - 12:59am (11pm to midnight is on the 15 Feb 2018)

TIGER 丙 寅 Bing Yin 3am - 4:59am

RABBIT 丁 卯 Ding Mao 5am - 6:59am

SNAKE 己 巳 Ji Si 9am - 10:59am

HORSE 庚 午 Geng Wu 11am - 12:59pm

GOAT 辛 未 Xin Wei 1pm - 2:59pm

The first day of Chinese New Year symbolizes a new beginning and calls for early rising and
preparations to visit relatives and friends.
It is customary to wear new clothes and exchange auspicious greetings.
'拜年Bai nian' is the traditional practice of expressing well-wishes to love ones for the year.

Auspicious times to leave home for Chinese New Year visits include

SNAKE 己 巳 Ji Si 9am - 10:59am

HORSE 庚 午 Geng Wu 11am - 12:59pm

GOAT 辛 未 Xin Wei 1pm - 2:59pm

For auspicious time to recieve the God of Wealth please refer to my other article.

Below is extractced from our Online Chinese Almanac.

Friday,16 February 2018 戊戌 WuXu Dog year Chinese Calendar TongShu

Friday,16 February 2018
二O 一八年, 戊戌年 一月 初一
除己卯日  亢宿
Inauspicious Inauspicious
Remove day
• Marriage both for legal registration and for religious ceremony
• Signing agreements commercial in nature and less obligation
• Signing agreements that is more on your abligations or responsibilities
• Signing an agreement that will span a long duration or finalise something permanently
• Signing any legal settlement
• Move into a new house
• Groundbreaking
• Seeking medical treatment
• Starting a new job or assuming a new position
• House warming
Today's Gods and Killings 神煞

If used, elderly family members will be prone to injuries and illness. Legal problems may surface within a priod of 60 days. Family disharmony, separation or rift between sibling may be expected within 3 - years' time. Vulnerable to robbers or hostile person, and a permanents separation caused by deah may occur.

Today's four pillar

  Hour   Day   Month   Year
  甲  Jia   己 Ji   甲 Jia   戊 Wu
  子 Zi   卯 Mao   寅 Yin   戌 Xu
  Rat   Rabbit   Tiger   Dog

己卯日 Ji Mao day
- Earth - Wood Rabbit day
Clash with Rooster
癸酉 Gui You - Water - Metal Rooster 
born from 03:40AM  4/2/1993 to  09:30AM 4/2/1994
乙酉 Yi You - Wood - Metal Rooster
born from 12:16AM  4/2/1945 to  18:11PM 4/2/1946
甲 子
Jia Zi
乙 丑
Yi Chou
丙 寅
Bing Yin
丁 卯
Ding Mao
戊 辰
Wu Chen
己 巳
Ji Si
11pm - 12:59am 1am - 2:59am 3am - 4:59am 5am - 6:59am 7am - 8:59am 9am - 10:59am
Moderate Inauspicious Auspicious Auspicious Inauspicious Moderate
天乙 Heavenly Nobleman
元武 Black Turtoise
不遇 Non Eligible
勾绞 Grappling Hook
天官 Heavenly Officer
喜神 Happy Spirit
日建 Day Establish
明堂 Bright Hall
日害 Day Harm
天刑 Heavenly Punish
日马 Day Horse
朱雀 Red Phoenix
庚 午
Geng Wu
辛 未
Xin Wei
壬 申
Ren Shen
癸 酉
Gui You
甲 戌
Jia Xu
乙 亥
Yi Hai
11am - 12:59pm 1pm - 2:59pm 3pm - 4:59pm 5pm - 6:59pm 7pm - 8:59pm 9pm - 10:59pm
Auspicious Auspicious Inauspicious Inauspicious Moderate Inauspicious
日禄 Day Wealth
金匮 Gold Lock
宝光 Precious Light
福星 Prosperity Star
天乙 Heavenly Nobleman
旬空 Group Emptiness
玉堂 Jade Hall
旬空 Group Emptiness
日合 Day Combine
天牢 Heavenly Jail
元武 Black Turtoise
不遇 Non Eligible
Auspicious directions
喜神 God Of Happiness - North East
贵神 God Of Nobility - South West
才神 God Of Wealth - North
吉门 Lucky Door - West
生门 Living Door - South West
开门 Open Door - North West
Inauspicious directions
恶神 Wicked Deity - West
五鬼 Five Ghost - North
死门 Death Door - North East

Today's Flying Star

Day's Flying Star Month's Flying Star Year's Flying Star
Red Metal star
Yellow Earth star
Sickness and misfortune
Purple star
FengShui - Day/Month flying star chart

4         9         2        
Put a glass of water.
Put a mechanical music box. Turn on 2-3 times a day Put a glass of water.
Put a mechanical music box. Turn on 2-3 times a day
6 (metal) conflicts with 4 (wood) eldest daughter. It indicates lady will suffer illness. 9 (fire) produces 2 (earth) indicates stomach illness more toward mother and old lady. 4 (wood, old woman) conflicts with 2 (earth,eldest daughter). It indicates mother and daughter conflict. Put metal to control wood and weaken earth
3         5         7        
Put a mechanical music box. Turn on 2-3 times a day
Put a glass of water.
Put a few round shape stones.
5 (earth) 3 (wood) conflicting it indicates injury, bad luck, and money loss. 5 yellow (earth) produces 7 (metal) helps to suppress 5 yellow. 5 (earth) produces 7(metal) indicates mouth, throat disease. 9 (fire, middle-age woman) 7 (metal, young girl, prostitute, mistress). Beware of man indulge in extramarital affairs. If star 5 flies in indicate sexually-transmitted diseases. Fire Hazard.
8         1         6        
Put a mechanical music box. Turn on 2-3 times a day
Put 1-2 pink packets.
Put a glass of water.
8 (earth) destroys 1 (water) middle son indicates bad luck to middle son and Ear, blood, kidney, bladder (urinary) disease. 1 (water) nourishes 3 (wood) which produces human disharmony. 8 (earth) in harmony with 6 (metal). Indicate promotion and wealth. 8 (young man) and 6 (father) implies young man grows. Use water to capture wealth.

FengShui - Month/Year flying star chart

8         4         6        
Put 1-2 pink packets.
Put a glass of water.
4 (wood, eldest daughter) attacks 8 (earth, young boy, stomach, intestines) indicates injuries to youngest boy, Stomach and intestines illness. 4 (wood) 9 (fire). Wood produce fire favor celebration. 6 (metal) 2 (earth) in harmony. 2 (earth) sickness star weaken to produce metal. Use water to capture wealth.
7         9         2        
Put a glass of water.
Put a glass of water. Put a mechanical music box. Turn on 2-3 times a day
Put a glass of water.
7 (metal) 3 (wood) indicate feet, liver and stomach illness and robbery. 9 (fire) enhance 5 (earth). Stomach and intestines sickness to elderly. 2 (earth) 7 (metal) in harmony. Can use a glass of water to enhance wealth.
3         5         1        
Put 1-2 pink packets.
Put a mechanical music box. Turn on 2-3 times a day
3 (wood) 8 (earth) indicates stomach and intestines problem. 5 (earth) 1 (water, ear, blood, kidney, bladder (urinary)). Indicates kidney and bladder disorder. 1 (water) 6 (metal). Metal produces water. Favor romance and relationship.

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