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2015 Yi-Wei Sheep year

Saturday, 1 November 2014
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Going into 2015 Yi-Wei 乙未 sheep year in 4 Feb 2015, the 12 animals zodiac how are the wealth luck, career, love life, love fate, health and education aspects? Let me share with you each of your zodiac animal in this 2015 the year of sheep and hope all readers can use their auspicious and inauspicious to arrange their tasks and all undertakings. Take extra note that in 2015, Rat harm “Ta Sui” (害太岁), Ox clash with “Tai Sui” (冲太岁), Dog punish with Tai Shui (刑太岁) and Sheep “Zhi” Tai Sui (值太岁) and due to the affect from Tai Sui (太岁星君), the will be more changes.

Rat in 2015 “harm” with Tai Sui (子未相害), it is also one of the violate Tai Sui (犯太岁), you must take care of your health, take care of the elders and your property. At the same time, you have “Tian Yi Gui Ren” (天乙贵人) ill luck turns into good ability Wei earth Tai Sui (未土太岁) harm with Rat, you must be extra careful with the health of the elders.

Ox clash with Tai Sui, Wei clash with Chou (丑未相冲), earth strength is too strong indicates that in 2015, there will be more changes especially related to money, investments and career. Clash with Tai Sui, luck can be extreme but not all are necessary bad; this depend on you own luck. If you are currently running your good luck cycle, it will bring good changes and opportunities and will also bring changes to your environment. In contrast when you are in bad Ta Yun, this will be a tiring year for you and you have to be extra careful with your money and property.

Tiger has “ZhiWei” (紫薇), “LongDe”( 龙德) and “TianXi”(天喜) auspicious stars coming into life palace, wealth luck and career will see improvement, at home will see celebration like marriage and new born. With 紫薇 and 龙德 which neutralize disputes and arguments will bring more chances for settlement. 天喜 will see more social activities, social life and most feasts which might impact on your health. The inauspicious “YangRe”(羊刃) will lead to some money losing and injury.

Rabbit will see “Five Ghost” (五鬼) coming into your life palace. 五鬼 indicates lawsuit, dispute, injury and you have to be extra careful. You must be extra careful with dealing with people because Wei combine and lose “Qi”, and the issues will normally on subordinate and the younger generation and this can bring gossips or disputes. The auspicious stars are “JiangXing” (将星), “LuXun”(禄勋) and “JinGui” (金匮) will improve your wealth and career luck. Overall 2015 can be a good year for further advancement.

Dragon will see hostiles stars “JuanShe” (卷舌)、“FeiRen” (飞刃)、“PiMa” (披麻) suppression have to be extra careful with disputes, quarrel, ailment, obstacles at work, at home elders’ health and so on. Dragon Chen (辰) earth meet with Wei (未) earth, earth Qi too strong, pressure at work will increase, and the chances of office reshuffling and facing with petty persons are higher. If possible do more business trip and going out more.

Snake will see auspicious “YiMa” (驿马), “BaZuo” (八座), “JinYuGuiRen” (金舆贵人) luck is quite auspicious; looking for job and change job will see good opportunities. 驿马 will see changes more rapid which can include change job, going out on business trip, move house and so on; during changes you will improve. When career palace (事业宫) see 金舆贵人, at work your can overcome petty persons and remove obstacles and you can concentrate on you work; and at the end you will receive your reward and even receive some unexpected gains. 八座 could bring unforeseen pleasant surprised. Inauspicious stars include “DiaoKe” (吊客) and “TianGou” (天狗) might bring petty persons and you have to be careful with your health.

Horse will see the auspicious stars “TaiJiGuiRen” (太极贵人), “YuTang” (玉堂) and “WenChangGuiRen” (文昌贵人) coming into life palace which bring a lot of improvement in your fortune and luck. 文昌贵人 control all academic related issues, therefore will improve education, those in cultural and also all professional, will improve exam luck and will bring greater recognition. Social life and entertainment will increase. Inauspicious star “BingFu” (病符) is not good for health; you will have to be extra careful with your health and safeguard toward injury.

Sheep in 2015 will see your own year “BenMingNian” (本命年) luck can be extreme; good or bad is obvious with stars “JianFeng” (剑锋) and “FuShi” (伏尸). In 2015 “HuaGai” (华盖) come into “TianZhaiGong” (田宅宫); you will feel alone and distant at work and be alert of petty persons making mischief and causing troubles. But for those in art and creative line, this is good year form advancement. In 2015 there might be issues with the younger generation or subordinates and it will be better for you to keep an eye on them. For parents, take extra precaution with your children health; do not over protective and at the same time do not neglect them.

Monkey sees “TianYiGuiRen” (天乙贵人); this 天乙贵人 is a very auspicious star and will help in you career and wealth. At the same time “HongLuan” (红鸾) star arrive which bring good inter personal relationship and will help at your work; Together they can bring good news from previous unsettle matters if you have any like disputes or even lawsuits. However you have “HongYan” (红艳) and “JieSha” (红艳) you have to be alert on bad Tao Hua (烂桃花) and the chances of losing money.

Rooster sees inauspicious “ShangMen” (丧门) and “QiuYu” (囚狱) coming into your life palace; 丧门 will bring bad influences on your career as well as at home. At work because of carelessness or negligence which will bring bigger mistake; at home elderly or youngsters are more prone to illness which will bring stress to you. With 囚狱 you have to be alert of dispute, argument and litigation and whenever possible stay away. The auspicious “DeJie” (地解) can minimize the hostile effects but will bring up your expenses.

Dog in 2015 will see punish with Tai Shui (刑太岁) which will be one of the zodiac that clash with Tai Sui. At the same time the auspicious stars “GouShen” (勾神), “GuanSuo” (贯索) and “JianSha” (绞煞), petty persons and gossips are hard to avoid; at the same time you are more probe to injury. Fortunately, in 2015 see “TaiYang” (太阴) noble person star especially from ladies noble persons. When in trouble, frequently will get help from noble helpful person especially from ladies.

Pig sees inauspicious “GuanFu” (官符), “BaiFu” (白虎), “TianKu” (天哭) at your life palace. The main star is 官符 indicates 2015 can bring disputes or even lawsuit; if you are a businessman, you need to pay extra attention to your official document and contract in order to avoid dispute and extortion. For salary workers be more alert if you need to compete with your colleague in order to avoid ill intentions. At home pay more attention when money is concerned. You see auspicious stars “TianDeGuiRen” (天德贵人) and “GuoYinGuiRen” (国印贵人) which will be helpful to your career and business; even when you encounter problem, with helpful people together with your determination and hard work, your problems can be solved.

The above is the general overview of the 12 animal signs in 2015. The details still need respective further evaluation. I would like to remind you that using yearly zodiac is only a reference of auspicious and inauspicious. When you are in great luck do not be over arrogant and when you in bad shape do not be dejected and lose heart. So called “RenDingShengTian” (人定胜天) , when meet with obstacles, with hard work and determination you can still bring changes and improvement.
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