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2013 Feng Shui Afflictions in the Snake Year - 04 Feb 2013 to 03 Feb 2014.

Monday, 10 December 2012
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In Feng Shui or BaZi Paht Chee reading, the year 2013 or the year of the Snake starts on 4th February 2013 at 00.31 hour. This day is the beginning of spring called Li Chun of the solar (Hsia) Calendar. For BaZI or the Four Pillars of Destiny, on 4th February 2013 at 00.31 hour right after midnight the animal sign changes from the "Dragon" to the "Snake".

For Feng Shui and Four pillars of destiny or BaZi, the year 2013 does not start on New Year Day of 2013 i.e. 1st January 2013 or the Chinese New Year of 2013. The Chinese New Year of 2013 falls on the 10th February 2013 and this is the 1st day of the lunar calendar. Many Chinese does not know the year of the Snake only starts on 4th February 2013. They would relate their birth year animal sign wrongly by following the Lunar Calendar.

The major yearly afflictions you must be aware of are the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui), the 3 Killings (San Sha/Sarm Saat) and the Sui Po. The other hostile energies to note are the Sickness #2 Star, Quarrelsome #3 Star and Violent #7 Star.

Grand Duke or Tai Sui at the SOUTH EAST 3 in 2013 towards the 3rd one-third of South-East corresponding from 142.6° to 157.5°. Tai Sui is one of the strongest "sha qi" killing qi of the year.

Each different Tai Sui is used to mark the Year. In 2013, General Xu Dan assumes duty to replace General Peng Tai who was in charge in 2012. Another more scientific school of thought simply attributes the Tai Sui phenomena to the movement of Jupiter (hence the name Grand Duke Jupiter), which affects the magnetic field around us, depending on the year you were born. This explanation usually bodes well with the western audience already educated with zodiac systems based on stars and planets.

Those born in the year of the Snake which sits on the same cardinal location of Tai Sui are said to be directly afflicted with Tai Sui whilst the Pig which is located in NW3 is in direct conflict with Tai Sui. Additionally, the Tiger (NE3) and Monkey (SW3) are indirectly in conflict with Tai Sui

In short, in year 2013, those who "Fan Tai Sui" are people who are born in the year of the Snake, Pig, Tiger and Monkey. The Pig’s offence is the most serious of all; the Snake whose sector is playing host to Tai Sui is in a slightly better off as its position can be used to garner the support of Tai Sui, whilst the Tiger and Monkey are the least serious.

Although Tai Sui is normally considered to be one of the afflictions of the year, it does provide some goods if its location is also influenced by a auspicious and favourable flying star. In 2013, as long as the ground where Tai Sui sits is not disturbed, the influence of Tai Sui can bring luck to relationships of all kinds, including attracting mentors, influential supports and helpful people. However, it is still an affliction and care must be given to the location where it resides.

The basic rules to heed are:

1. Avoid construction work including repair work, in the Tai Sui location. If this sector is disturbed, those staying in the house will have a tough year ahead with a lot of arguments and sicknesses. If there is no choice but a serious need to work in this area, then avoid starting and ending in the here. One can start in other sectors.

2. Do not sit facing or sleep with your head pointing to the direction of Tai Sui.

3. Carry amulets for protection.

4. Sit with the Tai Sui behind you in any business negotiation. By this way you are making the other party confront the Tai Sui which will assist you.

"3 Killings" or "Sam Sha" at the EAST in 2013 towards the East corresponding from 67.5° to 112.5°.

3 killings is an annual affliction. The 3 Killings consists of the triple combo of Robbery Sha (Jie Sha), Disaster/Calamity Sha (Zai Sha) and Year Sha (Sui Sha) which brings financial loss, accidents & calamities and obstacles & setbacks. The energies of the San Sha are directional and they afflict from the four cardinals of north, south, east and west depending on the animal sign or earthly branch of the year.

However, unlike the case with Tai Sui, it is acceptable to face the San Sha, but it is not advisable to sit with your back to San Sha.

1. Do not disturb this sector.

2. Do not sit with the 3 killings behind you.

3. You should face or confront the 3 killings.

As the span of this affliction is quite wide (90°) three animal signs are adversely affected – the Rabbit bears the full brunt of direct affliction with the Tiger and Dragon suffering some side affliction.

Sui Po (岁破) The Sui Po is also known as the Year Clash, Broken Year, or Year Breaker and is an intangible star which is always diametrically opposes the Tai Sui. In 2013, as the Tai Sui resides in SE3 (Snake), the Sui Po is located in North West 3 (Pig), a direction which faces and challenges the Tai Sui. Therefore the NW3 or Dog share the unenviable position of being directly afflicted with Sui Po and in direct conflict with Tai Sui.

The Sui Po sector should not be activated, e.g. by major earthworks and loud activities commotions as disturbance this area can bring quarrels, bad luck and health problems especially for the elderly. It is acceptable to face the Sui Po, but it is not advisable to sit in the Sui Po because it is unfortunate to set yourself up as opposing the year.

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