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2012 - The first day of Chinese New Year.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012
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Gong Xi Fa Chai 恭喜发财
祝大家 龍行天下、全年行大运、发大财、身体健康、万事胜意!

The most popular greeting is 恭喜发财 Gong Xi Fa Chai (Cantonese pronounces Gong Hay Fat Choy), which means "congratulations and make a fortune."

The first day of the Lunar New Year is "the welcoming of the gods of the heavens and earth."Many people abstain from meat on the first day of the new year because it is believed that this will ensure long and happy lives for them.

There are some taboo on the Chinese New Year Day.

1. Since everybody is in a festival mood under a joyful and hilarious atmosphere, people shouldn't argue each other. Also parents shouldn't scold or punish the children. Otherwise, you will have more argument in the new year.

2. Women shouldn't use knife or shear in the kitchen, which indicates evil, anger, danger and cutting out the luck. As a result, women don't cook new dishes on this day, people eat meals from the leftover.

3. Breaking dish plate, bowel or cup means bad money luck coming. In case that happens, then Chinese put all broken pieces in a round container until the coming trash day (5th lunar day).

4. A married women shouldn't go back to her mother home, otherwise her mother family will get poorer.

5. To sweep the floor or dump the trash will take away the wealth and luck from the house.

6. Don't have a lunch nap at noon, otherwise people will be lazy year long.

7. To wash the hair will wash your good luck away.

8. Don't wear in black or white to visit friends, because black and white are funeral color in China

9. People shouldn't visit friend's house, if they have a family member newly past away.

10. Don't eat rice porridge in the morning breakfast, otherwise you won't get rich because only poor people eat rice porridge in the past.

11. Don't eat meat in the morning breakfast, because many gods who are vegetarians arrive New Year Day festival in the morning.

12. Don't wake up people by calling their names, otherwise that sleeping person needs people's push all year long.

13. Don't eat unnecessary medicine, otherwise you will become unhealthy this year.

14. Don't wash clothes, because New Year Day is the birthday of the god of Water.

15. If someone owes you money, do not ask for the money back on this day. Otherwise, you will do it often in the rest of the year.

16. Don't let people take anything away from your pocket or purse, because that's a sign of money loss in the year.

Again as a reminder all the above is people believes and have nothing to do with fengshui.

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