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2012 - Rich man and poor man.

Friday, 20 January 2012
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Each year, almost all of us wonder what has 2012 in store for us. Well today is Friday 20 January 2012, Lunar Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and I am sitting here thinking and seeing about the future and what it has in store for me in 2012.

”I wish 2012 will be a new healthier and wealthier for all.”

Therefore, I have listed down the basic rules for a healthier and wealthier me.

How can we confirm that 2012 is a better year?

Healthier me and the basic rules are as follow.

1. All your auspicious stars are healthy and strong.

2. There is no pillar clash between 2012’s pillars with any of your BaZi’s pillars (year, month, day and hour).

3. There is no stem or branch clash between 2012’s stem or branch.

4. There is no clash within 2012’s pillar i.e. between stem and branch.

5. Your auspicious stars are not severely injured or cornered.

6. Your auspicious stars are not all taken away or are all seriously cornered or injured. This will be the worst scenario. If this is the case, major health complication, mishap and accident will happen. Be extra careful and really take care of your health.

Wealthier me and the basic rules are as follow.

1. Your wealth star being created from combination and transformation.

2. Your wealth star is not taken away by combination and transformed into another type of star. Wealth star being transformed back into wealth star is alright.

3. Your wealth star is not cornered and injured.

4. Your existing wealth stars in your BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny being reinforced.

Now let look at four examples and see what is their money luck look like in 2012.

Bazi – fengshui wealthier and healthier me rich

This guy is going to be rich in 2012. He has a very strong wealth stars in 2012.

Bazi – fengshui wealthier and healthier me

She has average money luck. She will be working as usual, has enough money for her to spend but not much saving.

Bazi – fengshui wealthier and healthier me

He will make more money and money will not stay long with him.

Bazi – fengshui wealthier and healthier me poor

He wills be worrying about money. He may even get conned.

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