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2012 - 5 Yellow Wu Wang The Nasty Feng Shui Afflictions.

Saturday, 3 December 2011
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The Five Yellow or Wu Wang is one of the most deadly annual afflictions especially in years when it flies into Earth and Fire element sectors which enhance its fierce Earth energy. The annual Five Yellow has flown to the southeast (112.6°-157.5°) in 2012 and because the southeast is associated with wood energy. Wood exhausted therefore the strength is reduced.

When this 5 Yellow occupies the Central Palace in the original Luo Shu square, it is not associated with any trigram (Kua), thus rendering it dangerously unstable and unpredictable.

This star need to be control especially the afflicted areas are your – main entrance, bedroom or living room, kitchen and those who share the same animal direction of the 5 Yellow. For instance, in 2012, the 5 Yellow flies into South East, creating problems for the Dragon and the Snake as well as anyone who spends a lot of time in the South East. The consolation, if any is that the 2012 Wu Wang is a relatively weak force compared to the years when it flew into Earth or Fire element sectors as in 2010 when it was in the South West, an Earth Sector.

Year Zodiac/Earthly Branch Angle Afflicted-45° Sector Afflicted Sector Element Strength of Affliction Animal Afflicted
2009 Ox (Chou) 337.6°-022.5° North Water Strong Rat
2010 Tiger (Yin) 202.6°-247.5° South West Earth Very Strong Sheep, Monkey
2011 Rabbit (Mao) 067.6°-112.5° East Wood Weak Rabbit
2012 Dragon (Chen) 112.6°-157.5° South East Wood Weak Dragon, Snake
2013 Snake (Si) Centre Earth Very Strong All
2014 Horse (Wu) 292.6°-337.5° North West Metal Weak Pig, Dog
2015 Sheep (Wei) 247.6°-292.5° West Metal Weak Rooster
2016 Monkey (Shen) 022.6°-067.5° North East Earth Very Strong Tiger, Ox
2017 Rooster (You) 157.6°-202.5° South Fire Very Strong Horse
2018 Dog (Xu) 337.6°-022.5° North Water Strong Rat
2019 Pig (Hai) 202.6°-247.5° South West Earth Very Strong Sheep, Monkey
2020 Rat (Zi) 157.6°-202.5° South Fire Very Strong Horse

Due to the vicious and volatile nature of the Wu Wang, it is best to avoid using or having any activity in the sector where it resides. However very often it is not possible to relocate your main door or change your bedroom. So if you have no choice but to use the afflicted area, the best way is to neutralize and suppress the wrathful energy by using remedies based on the 5 Element Theory. Wu Wang is an Earth element affliction. Any items representing Fire and Earth will activate and enhance the evil Earth energy. So avoid these items or removed them from the afflicted sector. Introduce more metal elements into these sectors, old bunch of keys, iron, metal cup and so on.Metal wind chimes are common cures for earth-afflicted energy.

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