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2012 Flying Star Feng Shui Dragon Year - 04 Feb 2012 to 03 Feb 2013

Monday, 14 November 2011
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This yearly and monthly Click here Monthly Star calculator. flying stars are believed to be the most powerful elements of Feng Shui. Each year the yearly star will reside at one location for the entire year and then moves to another location in the following year. Monthly stars move on a monthly basis and these stars influence different circumstances in a person’s life. Some stars bring favorable circumstances while others bring the opposite. If a certain sector is made up of only good stars, it is believed that lots of luck is on its way to the occupant of that sector. When bad stars control the energies it brings misfortunes to its occupant and its occupant should install Feng Shui cures and remedies to avoid them causing havoc in your life.

To assist you in creating and keeping balance and to avoid misfortune, it is important to understand which stars are good and which are bad and to activate the lucky stars and counter the ones bringing bad luck in 2012.

5 1 3
4 6 8
9 2 7
Star #6 - Military 武曲星 Metal element CENTER - brings good fortune

The Heavenly white star number six associated with the cosmic energies of heaven moves to the Center this year. It is a very favorable star of good luck straight from heaven. It is mainly deal with authority and money.It benefit all those working outside the office like those work at construction site, police officers etc.

Be prepared for plenty of good heaven's celestial blessings if you spend a lot of time in this part of your house. People who gamble be it in lottery, horse racing, football betting or casino games will benefit from this auspicious star that brings cosmic chi that manifests into good fortune and windfall luck.

Bring life to this star with Yang energy e.g. sound and activity in this corner. The Heavenly star’s element is metal so enhance with metal or earth (crystal) energy.
Star #7 - Robbery Violence 破军星 Metal element - NORTHWEST - brings theft, burglary and violence

This unfavorable star hits the Northwest of your home/office and brings with it bad luck and tidings, lies, defeat, losses and violence.. It wreaked havoc the center location in 2011, bringing violence, blodshed and death in the middle east. It is a metal element associated with financial loss, robbery, theft, violence and injuries. Losses that occur usually come from robbery, fierce competitors, theft and power abuse from others. Everyone in the household will be affected and at risk.

Its negative chi gets strengthened further by the big metal energy of the NW sector so make absolute sure you suppress it. Watch your back during this period and be careful not to trust everyone. It especially affects the partriach of the family or the owners of a company especially true when the maindoor or room is located in Northwest, as well as those born in the year of Dog and Ox.

If you have a door or window at this sector, make sure you double locked it. The 7- Flying star influence in 2012 will degrade your money luck. So, print out the chart and map out the NorthWest location of this belligerent number 7.

Suppress the bad energy of this star with a "a cup of water".
Star #8 - Wealth 左铺才星 Earth element - WEST - brings wealth luck and prosperity

The all-powerful Prosperity star for 2012 falls into West - which means the youngest daugher of the family will benefit from it. It is the star of fortune, wealth and good luck and brings abundance of wealth luck. Those with Chinese Horoscope of Monkey, Rooster and Dog will benefit from it too. If your home has a living or family area in this sector, everyone in your home will be able to gain from this star especially the father. It is also good for property luck.

Use this area as much as possible.. Enhance by putting just "a cup of water".
Star #9 - Celebration 右弼喜星 Fire element - NORTHEAST

This Purple star is of fire element. This star also bring relationship and marriage luck. To enhance marriage, put 4 pots of plant surrounding one plot of 9 red roses (or any flower, must be red).

If you only want further enhance your relationship but not marriage just put the 4 pots of plant.

If you want to add a new family member, just put one pot of plant.

If you want a promotion, just put one pot of plant.
Star #1 - Romance 桃华位 Water element SOUTH - brings romance

Your relationship with others is good, fame is there, and prosperity will happen. This will benefit those in sales and your bottom line will be fatter. It will brings career luck in promotions and recognition (Water element) Couple will web soon. However, married couples should avoid illicit affairs to avoid ruining your family life.

Put a "cup of water" in order to enhance relatioship and if you want to go further in a relationship add an extra "mechanical music box and turn it on a few times in a day".
Star #2 - Sickness 小病位 Earth element –NORTH - brings sickness and illness

The sickness star reigns in the North rendering poor health. This star is an earth element and brings disease, sickness, health problems and even death in the Northern sector. House facing or sitting on North or with the maindoor located in the North sector will find that the occupants are more vulnerable to falling sick. It will mostly affect Rat-born people and the middle son. Avoid staying in this sector or room. Move to another bedroom. If that’s not possible, use Feng Shui cure to repress the negative energy flowing from this star. Take good loving care of the elderly, and children. Take note of heart, lungs, throat, disgetive, chest and blood circulation problems. This is true especially for woman. If your kitchen is situated here, the problem might become more severe. Always seek early treatment.

Suppress the effect by putting a "mechanical music box and turn it on a few times in a day".
Star #3 - Dispute 争斗星 Wood element - SOUTHWEST - brings hostility and lawsuits

This star brings about verbal accusations and assaults, quarrels and law suits between family members, friends and colleagues. It can also mislead people and lose concentration thus making the wrong move. Scandalous words entangle you, as well as the disputes with others causing you much headache. Vile people might try to stand in your way.

Those sleeping in this sector will find themselves easily stressed and agitated, impatient and short-fused. Productivity will drop. Relationships between spouses will be affected with argument energies. Harmony of families and safety of marriages will be affected. Watch out for trouble with the authorities or you will be slapped with court case and litigation. Keep this part of the house quiet.

It is the wood element. It will affect mostly those born in the year of the Monkey or Sheep or the Mother.

Avoids gossip circles and keep your important documents secured. Be sharp to discern people as conmen are everywhere.

To suppress the energy put "1 to 2 pink enevelops".
Star #4 - Academic 文昌星 Wood element - EAST - brings scholastic luck

This bring excellence out of everyone in terms of academics. If the students are diligent, being among the top is no questions at all. Those at work will find new ideas, solutions to problems and propositions flow from their mind readily. If the #1 star amalgamate with #4 star, there will bound be academic excellence and is favorable for cultural arts. Many consider this star is favorable for bringing in mentorship and guidance. Politicians and scholars are fond and pay full respect for it. Students residing in this sector will have better examination luck and better luck in their applications for admission into reputables schools or colleges. Sadly, the power of this auspicious star is dwindled by the Star of Reducing Energy brought by the 24 Mountain stars. Therefore, it's a good idea that you enhance its energy.

To enhance put "4 lucky bamboos".
Star #5 - Fatal illness 大病位 Earth element - SOUTHEAST - brings misfortune and bad luck

This year, the yellow star or "Wu Wang" plagues the Southeast. It is a malicious star feared by all as it brings bad luck of all kinds. It is an earth element bringing with it financial loss, obstacles, tragedies, accidents, mishaps and anything else that is negative, depressing and bad. In 2012 one will face accidents, loses, serious illness, obstacles at work and others difficulties.

This is true especially for man and problems with lung, bones and respiratory systems. In 2012, this star blocks success and affects the first daughter in the family or those born in the year of Dragon or Snake. It is always a good idea to vacate the afflicted room and avoid any loud sounds in this sector coming from the TV or radio. Do not hold a party in this sector. Those affected will find themselves finding faults all the time and become really difficult to handle. You will feel down most of the time.

Put "a cup of water" and mechanical music box and turn it on a few times in a day or cured by a Six-Rod Wind Chime.

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