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2012 Feng Shui of Your House: Understand the Priorities and how to apply the yearly feng shui updates.

Monday, 14 November 2011
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To live in an auspicious good feng shui house is to be surrounded by a healthy and vibrant quality of Chi, or energy. A good feng shui house will make you feel good, look good and attract all the good to you! Knowing that, wouldn't you want your house to have good feng shui? Of course, you would.

With daily growing popularity of feng shui, the confusion surrounding various feng shui applications - be it in your house, outside the house, in the garden or at your business premises- seems to be steadily growing, too. You know that the Bagua mapping, or the feng shui energy map of your house, is the foundation for your feng shui work. Here is the link for your BaGua Map base on your home facing direction.

You also know that if your house is full of clutter - no matter hidden or in plain view - you have to take care of your clutter first. Do you know why people said that Clutter is Bad? In ancient China, clutter is insignificant this is because houses during that period of time are mostly huge and all the family have not much accessories to lay around. However, in modern day houses are smaller and any clutter tends to create bad "Sha Qi" or poison arrows.

Applying feng shui in a cluttered house does not make much sense, as clutter is draining your personal energy, as well as blocking the flow of Chi, or universal energy.

So, after clearing all your clutter and are finally decorating your house with the feng shui Bagua energies in mind, another big confusion steps in - the yearly feng shui updates.

What are the yearly feng shui updates and why do they matter?

The yearly feng shui updates are also known as the yearly movement of flying stars. Altogether there are 9 stars, from 1 to 9. Each represent a different kind of Qi of various energies. And fall into 9 sectors. Click here for more on Flying Stars chart.

You can calculate the movement of energies by the year, month, day and even by the hour. Kind of like astrology, but dealing with the feng shui energies of your house. The confusion usually arises when according to the yearly update you have to introduce a feng shui element that is generally not recommended in a specific Bagua area.

How do you apply the yearly feng shui updates?

First, it is always helpful to understand the reason why any yearly feng shui cure that you are about to apply. Second, always choose cures, or decor elements, that work well in your house. Rushing to buy Chinese cures on-line because they are supposed to protect you from a potential catastrophe is just not intelligent.

All cures are easily accessible. Look around you things likes red cloths, yellow carpet, old bunch of keys, a cup of water are all usable. These items as contrast with all the on-line expensive stuff. These stuff are available in old time China. At that time, there is no expensive stuff like the toad, feng shui ship and so on. In my opinion all the expensive stuff are either use for thier look or for their material. It looks good no doubt, for example a brass Rhinoceros cost around USD60 and a picture of Rhinoceros have the same effect and only cost less than USD2-USD3. And you can easily put it aside once you do not need it.

Usually, the recommended yearly feng shui cures are based on the feng shui element, as well as the essence (love, wealth, etc) of the visiting star.

When a star is beneficial, you want to support its feng shui element, and when a star is troublesome, you want to weaken its element. Let's look at two examples:

Beneficial Annual Feng Shui Star: The star # 4 - so called star of Academic and Education - is a beneficial star of Wood element. When this star visits any Bagua area, you want to support its element by bringing a Water element cure as Water feeds the Wood in the five element productive cycle. For example, in 2012 the star # 4 is located in the East sector, this is why colors blue (Water element colors) were recommended. Or you can directly apply wood element into this area. Put a a group of 4 lucky bamboos planted in water will do the trick.

However, knowing that East area is a Wood element area, perfect right? But if other sector and belong to different element did that mean that you had to completely re-decorate it for good feng shui in 2012?

No, of course not. What you had to do was be sure that the original element was not the strongest, or the predominant element of that area. For example at a fire sector ie South but you need to introduce water than you had a coral red or rich orange feature wall, you could bring beautiful aqua blue accessories and actually create a stunning, Martha Stewart-like color combination for the South. Or, you could have artwork with clear water.

5 1 3
4 6 8
9 2 7

Figure 1. Fyling stars chart for year 2012

Challenging Annual Feng Shui Star: The 5 yellow star is a challenging star of Earth feng shui element. It bring havoc to the family. In 2012 this star was visiting the SouthEast area of your Bagua. As this is a potentially troublesome star, you had to focus on weakening it, so your cures were Metal element cures, as Metal weakens Earth in the destructive cycle of the five feng shui elements. You brought the desired Metal element in the SouthEast in 2012 with many round metal frames, round being the shape of the feng shui Metal element. Bear in mind a bunch of old keys do the same trick but much cheaper.

A beautiful sculpture made from numerous metal rings worked, too. Or maybe the wallpaper you had on the feature wall in the SouthEast had a stunning movement of various size circles, all in silver and white colors (Metal element colors.).

You have to imagine that your house has 9 rooms, each room representing a specific area of the Bagua. You like to use the rooms in a certain way that is have specific elements in specific areas.

Here is the link for more on 2012 fengshui. Click here


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