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Notice: This is a free general advice forum, and most of the questions that were answered was either a catalyst or can be applied generally to most users benefits, Any SPECIFIC QUESTIONS WHICH ONLY BENEFICIAL TO A PARTICULAR INDIVIDUAL WILL NOT BE ANSWERED.
** This is a free general advice forum, if you need to know more and to ask specific detail questions, please use our services here.

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1 Place Aloe Vera Plant in pot of water at bedroom (Feng Shui)
masbbs 3/8/2017 1198
2 Stagnant water is prune to mosquitos breeding (Feng Shui)
masbbs 10/1/2017 1180
3 Flying Star, Yearly Versus Monthly (Feng Shui)
masbbs 3/1/2017 1203
4 Oven versus Stove (Feng Shui)
masbbs 19/12/2016 1165
5 5 Element Arrangement (Feng Shui)
masbbs 21/11/2016 1258
6 Bazi Versus Feng Shui (Feng Shui)
masbbs 18/11/2016 1214
7 Feng Shui Arrangement (Feng Shui)
masbbs 17/11/2016 1253
8 2016 SW Sitting Door (Feng Shui)
masbbs 17/2/2016 1402
9 Activate Relatioship Star (Feng Shui)
masbbs 14/12/2015 1448
10 Water in SW indicate loss of money in December Flying Star (Feng Shui)
masbbs 14/12/2015 1379
11 Three I-Ching coins tied with red string placed at my entrance door knob inside. (Feng Shui)
masbbs 17/11/2015 1440
12 Embroided 100 Birds Picture (Feng Shui)
masbbs 10/11/2015 1449
13 Salt Water Cure (Feng Shui)
masbbs 26/10/2015 1368
14 Main door in the West or South West? (Feng Shui)
masbbs 23/4/2015 1614
15 Enhance wealth and increase opportunities (Feng Shui)
masbbs 3/2/2015 1669
16 Increase Wealth (Feng Shui)
masbbs 9/11/2014 1760
17 Can Agate Dzi Beads cause negative effect? (Bazi)
masbbs 19/7/2014 1576
18 Yearly and Monthly Flying Star contradict in SW (Feng Shui)
masbbs 19/7/2014 1794
19 New Home Cleansing (Feng Shui)
masbbs 31/3/2014 1980
20 High limit for Feng Shui Placement (Feng Shui)
masbbs 7/1/2014 1779
21 Bazi check plse (Bazi)
masbbs 5/1/2014 1811

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