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Notice: This is a free general advice forum, and most of the questions that were answered was either a catalyst or can be applied generally to most users benefits, Any SPECIFIC QUESTIONS WHICH ONLY BENEFICIAL TO A PARTICULAR INDIVIDUAL WILL NOT BE ANSWERED.
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Nos. Subject Question by Date Views
1 Fu Yin (Bazi)
kareng 19/9/2017 1164
2 EQ (Bazi)
kareng 19/9/2017 1154
3 structure (Bazi)
kareng 19/12/2016 1256
4 combination (Bazi)
kareng 27/10/2016 1306
5 bazi (Bazi)
kareng 16/10/2016 1278
6 qing ming (Bazi)
kareng 18/4/2016 1385
7 Funeral Procession (Feng Shui)
kareng 11/4/2016 1333
8 death (Feng Shui)
kareng 11/4/2016 1387
9 Weak DM (Bazi)
kareng 18/2/2016 1468
10 spouse palace (Bazi)
kareng 26/10/2015 1406
11 Marriage (Bazi)
kareng 23/8/2015 1476
12 bazi chart without wealth element (Bazi)
kareng 9/10/2014 1541
13 change job (Bazi)
kareng 6/1/2014 1981
14 Water element (Bazi)
kareng 24/8/2013 1947
15 ghost month (Feng Shui)
kareng 22/8/2013 2048
16 Death and emptiness (Bazi)
kareng 7/6/2013 3702
17 Move house (Feng Shui)
kareng 23/5/2013 1963
18 wood without water (Bazi)
kareng 22/4/2013 2003
19 DO (Bazi)
kareng 22/4/2013 2064
20 mental illness (Bazi)
kareng 4/11/2012 2317
21 Direct Officer (Bazi)
kareng 17/10/2012 2678
22 prayer (Feng Shui)
kareng 5/9/2012 2071
23 Funeral Procession (Feng Shui)
kareng 29/8/2012 2196
24 relationship (Bazi)
kareng 24/6/2012 2158
25 Relationship (Bazi)
kareng 6/6/2012 2033
26 suitable career (Bazi)
kareng 30/5/2012 2146
27 parents palace (Bazi)
kareng 14/5/2012 2429
28 bazi chart without water element (Bazi)
kareng 6/5/2012 3437
29 ching ming-chun fen (Feng Shui)
kareng 2/4/2012 2184

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