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Killing Qi between two tall buildings.
Very recent case.

Monday, 22 October 2018
4594 viewers.

When a large gap between two buildings facing your back or front of your house, it created an invisible Sha Qi Killing Qi. This Sha Qi can be enormous when the buildings are large and the gap is narrow.

This is what we called "Heaven Blade Sha". This will create a rushing Sha Qi towards your house which results in poor health and lead to financial problems.

A good example as shown below.


Killing Qi between two tall buildings.

Door facing and door location.

Monday, 1 May 2017
5427 viewers.

Each facing and each sector has its own flying stars, their production and suppression 生克, for example, they can produce in, suppress in, they can produce out and suppress out and so on which bring different luck. Main door facing is not necessary the same as main door location. For example, main door faces South, it does not necessary mean door must be located at the South sector. The main door can be located at any of the 9 sectors.

Door facing and door location.

Seize vibrant Qi from your environment to improve your people and wealth luck by applying your Feng Shui arrangements.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017
9923 viewers.

山官人丁水官财 ~ Mountains Govern People, Water Governs Wealth

This phrase refers to Mountains and Rivers, the important principle in Feng Shui - Yin and Yang in perfect balance and equilibrium before you can achieve success in life. This is about People Luck and Wealth Luck. It goes hand in hand, you cannot have the one without the other.

~ You need to have mountain and/or water at the right place in order to create balance and equilibrium and to achieve both wealth luck and people luck. This can be achieved by knowing where to put them. * This formation is only applicable for some houses and not all.

For some lucky houses, you can have three periods channeling their vibrant Qi to support each other, have the numbers for grow and success. This will improve your house Feng Shui tremendously.

Seize vibrant Qi from your environment to improve your people and wealth luck by applying your Feng Shui arrangements.

House Destiny 宅命

Friday, 28 October 2016
6262 viewers.

Each house and office has its own destiny 宅命 (ZhaiMing). By chances that you own a good destiny house without any preparation is less than 13% .

A common misnomer is to choose your home base on East/West family 卦命 and Gua Number. Home Feng shui DESTINY is much more important.
House Destiny 宅命

Number of occupants getting lesser and lesser and my father is having an affair.

Sunday, 1 June 2014
7754 viewers.

Miss Wong asked… My father and I together with a younger brother and three sisters moved into this house in 2005. Since then my three sisters’ one after another either moved out to stay with their boyfriend or they just do not want to stay in the house. For the past six months, my father started to be with a mainland Chinese girl younger than him by almost 30 yeas. Because of this we have been having some hectic arguments. Hope you can help and give us some clues.

Number of occupants getting lesser and lesser and my father is having an affair.

Feng Shui : Old maid house.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014
7484 viewers.

Susan's home was a 2 bedder apartment. She was staying with her younger sister. This house was one of the many worst Feng Shui that I have seen 衰到没人有! No Tao Hua 桃花, bad for money, always quarrel without apparent reasons, frequently sick and so on.
Feng Shui : Old maid house.

House No. 8.

Monday, 4 November 2013
40449 viewers.

The “number 8” is normally relate well for the occupants as it signify prosperity and wealth. But when come to FengShui, this might not be necessarily be so as other factors are more significant. They are many who stay at house no. 4, 14, 44 etc and they are wealthy.

House no. 8

House No. 8.

Door tilting

Tuesday, 16 April 2013
21356 viewers.

Door-tilting itself is not difficult to understand and not any major secret – when your door sits on an inauspicious angle, you tilt it to the nearest available auspicious angle. Ideally the nearest angle to the current one will match the favorable requirements for as many Feng Shui methods like San He, Ba Zhai, Xuan Kong …) as possible.

Door tilting

L-Shaped and sloping down.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013
23715 viewers.

Q1. My house is shaped in the form of an "L". Is this bad? How can I make it more stable?

Q2. My driveway and the front lawn of my house is sloping downwards. Will my luck being drained? How can I prevent my luck from runnig out?

Q3. I have sleeping problems when I try to sleep with my feet facing the room door. Is there anything that I can do? ..
L-Shaped and sloping down.

Feng Shui : Temple.

Thursday, 23 August 2012
20424 viewers.

“I have put up my house for sale and I am having difficulties selling it. I have brought a number of prospective buyers to view my house guided them through and initially they are quite satisfied, but back down once they saw the temple sitting opposite. They all felt that facing a temple would being create bad feng shui for the occupants of the house. Is it true that it is always bad fengshui living near a temple?”
Feng Shui : Temple.

Feng Shui : Axe shaped land and house.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012
20410 viewers.

“I am staying in a house sitting on a plot of land that the land shape looks like an axe. My family and I have been living there since 2009 and everything seems tough in both career and relationship. We constantly argue over small little issues without any reason. My career is also stagnant and not being good.

Enclosed is a sketch of my house plan. One of the wall is painted red as shown. The FengShui of my house is it really bad and how can I rectify it?”
Axe shaped land and house
Feng Shui : Axe shaped land and house.

Army camp

Thursday, 5 January 2012
9362 viewers.

The reservoir tank represents the elements of water in FengShui when situated at the right place will bring good wealth luck. The army camp represents fire due to its aggressive nature.

If your house is a terrace house which have a reservoir on one side (for example on a hill top) and at your back of the house is another hill where an army camp is situated and some times you might even hear live ammunition being fired in their firing range. These might raise some sound of echoes and a nuisance.
Army camp

Are all T-junctions always bad Feng Shui? Why?

Friday, 9 September 2011
11605 viewers.

Almost all FengShui book and website that you read will tell you that one of the most disastrous situations in FengShui is living or working in a property at the end of a T-junction. Many will tell you that calamity will fall upon you within six months and I find this quite exaggeration.
Are all T-junctions always bad Feng Shui? Why?

Telephone pole facing your main door.

Thursday, 25 August 2011
11248 viewers.

Under the landscape fengshui a telephone pole is which is directly facing one's main door is considered inauspicious in Feng Shui.

The reason is because the main door is considered the mouth of Qi and the mouth of your house. The door is also considered the central location where external Qi comes into the house. A narrow telephone pole directly facing the main entrance door is acting like a knife or blade slicing through your main entrance door. In term of FengShui it is very important to protect our main door from this kind of attack.
Telephone pole facing your main door.

Feng Shui Kitchens

Friday, 19 November 2010
11997 viewers.

In FengShui, the kitchen play a very important rule. To Chinese and all people, kitchen represents wealth, prosperity, nourishment and health; after all, it’s human nature to associate food and nutrition with nurturing and sustenance. In term of fengshui how you design and decorate the kitchen can influence your prosperity, wealth and health.

The first thing to consider when looking at the kitchen is its location within the whole house. Ideally the kitchen will be in the back of the house, at least behind centerline of house. However, many houses especially many units of condominium (like the one in HongKong) are small in size and have not much choice where their kitchen is position at the front left or right side just after the main door.
Feng Shui Kitchens

Mirrors in Feng Shui - What you should know about mirrors in FengShui.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010
14600 viewers.

In Chinese there is a saying “鏡不要對門貴人好近身”. This is translated as mirrors should not be place facing our main door in order to get good noble persons.

Mirrors can also gather yin qi and therefore, you must be careful when you want to use mirrors. Hidden mirrors have many type of colors which represent different elements. For example, blue and black represents water and in fengshui water represents money. If you have too many of them, the chances of losing money are much higher. ..
Mirrors in Feng Shui - What you should know about mirrors  in FengShui.

FengShui helps in selling your house.

Thursday, 5 August 2010
12610 viewers.

Throughout my Fengshui practice, many have asked me to provide Fengshui tips to assist them with the selling of their houses. Some real estate agents will ask for solutions on how to use fengshui to help move their property fast.

The most important FengShui tip is the owner must have a firm decision and must let go. In FengShui, intention must be clearly visualized for the energy of Qi of the Universe to follow and have manifestation occur. Whether it is buying or selling house or office, FengShui will assist all parties involved.
FengShui helps in selling your house.

FengShui at home - your home and its surroundings part 4

Tuesday, 2 June 2009
8664 viewers.

When you are inspecting your site of your house, you must make sure Qi is able to circulate freely, and for yin and yang to strike a balance, the land should not too dry or too wet. Therefore, try to avoid water-logged land or plot that reclaimed from disposal ground. This is based on the practical principal that these kind of land will bring ill health, and damp or structure problems. The ideal land is the one that is well aerated, and neither too wet nor too dry. ..
FengShui at home - your home and its surroundings part 4

FengShui at home - your home and its surroundings part 3

Monday, 25 May 2009
8985 viewers.

You may not be aware that the shape of a building can have a great influence in our lives. Actually, whether you believe in fengshui or not, we have different feelings when we go into different shapes of buildings or houses. Buildings designed as per FengShui principles may seem boring and old fashion but they sure energise the occupants and can in turn promote their success and well-being.

When a house is oddly shape, it will have significant effect on its occupants. The severity of the effect will in turn depend on the sectors are missing and extras.
FengShui at home Knife Shaped house ..
FengShui at home - your home and its surroundings part 3

FengShui at home - your home and its surroundings part 2

Monday, 11 May 2009
10865 viewers.

House shapes can have a profound effect on the Feng Shui within its building, either helping or impairing the well-being of the occupants. A house needs to feel comfortable and have a restful environment. But many times, in an attempt to make a statement or to create something unique, architects play with the shape of the house/building and design homes that are not conducive to rest. Rather, one feels unsettled or restless in such houses.

Have you seen in many Chinese restaurants they provide circular tables instead of square ones because circles emits energy that is always circulating, while squares create restful chi. So people tend to linger longer at square tables, which is what the owners do not want, since they need more customers to walk in. ..
FengShui at home - your home and its surroundings part 2

FengShui at home - your home and its surroundings part 1

Sunday, 3 May 2009
10096 viewers.

The Green Dragon and White Tiger are believed to guard the house and should be well-balance. This formation can be achieved if both sides of the house are similar in their proportions. If additional extensions, rooms or floors are made such that one side is much larger or wider than the other side, one animal may become to powerful and difficult to control which in turn could effect the health and wealth of its occupants.

FengShui at home unbalance house
FengShui at home - your home and its surroundings part 1

Nail houses in fengshui.

Thursday, 27 November 2008
9742 viewers.

A nail house ( 钉子户) is a Chinese neologism for homes belonging to people (sometimes called "stubborn nails") who refuse to make room for development. A number of very high-profile nail houses have received wide-spread news attention in the Chinese press some. We have expressions like “a thorn in one’s eye” to represent something or people that make someone extremely uncomfortable but yet hardly be removed. In Chinese We have the tem “the nail in one’s eye” (眼中钉, yan zhong ding).
nail households fengshui  Chongqing ..
Nail houses in fengshui.

Landform (Shapes and forms) Interior Design - Feng Shui tips. Part 8 of 8

Tuesday, 21 October 2008
12582 viewers.

The proper analysis of Feng Shui should always be done for BOTH “Internal” and “External” environment. Only with the understanding of what’s happening outside can we then implement a better judgement and recommendation of the best possible internal layout. Which areas are then the most important sectors to consider? It would be the Main Door, Kitchen and Bedrooms. The main door is the most critical factor as it is the channel through which "Qi” is being received into the house. The kitchen is another most active area therefore, we need to understand what energies that being activated. Bedrooms are our rest place in which most of us spend at least 8 hours.
Landform  (Shapes and forms) Interior Design - Feng Shui tips.  Part 8 of  8

Landform (Shapes and forms) Exterior Environment - Analyse the Feng Shui of your surroundings. Part 7 of 8

Tuesday, 14 October 2008
10977 viewers.

The effect of “External Environment’ is far greater than “Internal Environment” because firstly, it is much larger and secondly, it is the actual source of cosmic energies. From the external, these energies or “Qi” is then received into our internal environment through our main door, doors and windows. Therefore, as long as the external environment is negative, no matter what you do with internal environment, the influence is only minimal.
Landform  (Shapes and forms)  Exterior Environment - Analyse the Feng Shui of your surroundings.  Part 7 of  8

Landform (Shapes and forms) in FengShui - Perimeter Wall. Part 6 of 8

Monday, 6 October 2008
10972 viewers.

In landed property, we normally see perimeter walls. Perimeter walls provide us with a sense of protection and we feel much safer, have more privacy, fell cozier and relax staying in such houses. However, many of us forget or just do not bother about the fengshui of our perimeter walls. Is these walls important? Yes, it is. General rule is that rectangle and square walls are preferred.
Landform  (Shapes and forms) in FengShui - Perimeter Wall. Part 6 of  8

Landform (Shapes and forms) in FengShui - Shape of Land and House. Part 5 of 8

Sunday, 28 September 2008
32772 viewers.

Are square and rectangular plots of land better than a triangular plot of land? Generally the answer is yes because square and rectangular plots of land are easier to harness Qi or energy. The productive Qi that is preferred, is based on the balance of Yin and Yang elements. Regular plots fulfill the requirement of Chinese Ancient Art of FengShui which emphasis the ‘four gold point’ meaning four regular corners. Most Feng Shui techniques are also based on the ‘four gold point’ principle and a ‘North-South’ facing house is mush preferred. Therefore, they stand to benefit more from a Feng Shui perspective.
Landform  (Shapes and forms) in FengShui - Shape of Land and House. Part 5 of  8

Landform (Shapes and forms) in FengShui - Houses in Relation to Other Buildings. Part 4 of 8

Sunday, 21 September 2008
14154 viewers.

Your surroundings can have a huge impact on your life – to the point of affecting your personal happiness, your wealth and prosperity, even the opportunities that come to you in your life and your family member life. Therefore evaluating your environment of your house is a very important. There are many types of considerations that are taken into account when you want to assess the feng shui of a home. Of course, these are not all of the elements that make up a home with good feng shui, but these are some of the important considerations. Hopefully, this will serve as a guide for helping you evaluate your home.
Landform  (Shapes and forms) in FengShui - Houses in Relation to Other Buildings. Part 4 of  8

Landform (Shapes and forms) in FengShui - Road Patterns and Feng Shui. Part 3 of 8

Saturday, 13 September 2008
18142 viewers.

Qi energy is positive when, it is allowed to flow freely, lightly brushing everything it touches, accumulating and gentlly nourishing our environment. Qi turns bad when allowed to stagnate in one place or being channel as a rushing Qi which become killing Qi. For example Qi harmful when channelled too quickly along straight paths, like a thunderbolt being hurled at your home.
Landform  (Shapes and forms) in FengShui - Road Patterns and Feng Shui.   Part 3 of  8

Landform (Shapes and forms Shapes and forms) in FengShui - Imbalance in Green Dragon and White Tiger. Part 2 of 8

Saturday, 6 September 2008
10993 viewers.

The Dragon relates to your left-hand side (inside your house looking out), symbolising helpful people and power. The Tiger relates to the right-hand side, symbolising negative qualities. Everything has two sides, good and bad, bright and dark, and so on, so one side of the house belongs to the Tiger and the other to the Dragon. You try to shift the balance in your favour by placing more things on the Dragon side to enhance power.
Landform  (Shapes and forms Shapes and forms) in FengShui - Imbalance in Green Dragon and White Tiger.  Part 2 of  8

Landform (Shapes and forms) in FengShui - The 4 FengShui Celestial Animals Part 1 of 8.

Friday, 29 August 2008
21437 viewers.

In ancient FengShui term, they mark the directions East - Wood - Green color - Spring (Green Dragon), West - Metal - White color - Autumn (White Tiger), South - Fire - Red - Summer (Red Phoenix), and North - Water - Black color - Winter (Black Turle), respectively, as you stand facing the South.
Landform  (Shapes and forms) in FengShui - The 4 FengShui Celestial Animals Part 1 of  8.

Apply Feng Shui Birth Element (your daymaster element from your BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny) and FengShui Kua Number.

Thursday, 21 August 2008
13731 viewers.

Many are totally confused when come to birth element and Kua Number. Both have their own different elements, directions or location, etc.What is the difference between personal birth element and Kua Numbers? Birth element 日元 "ri yuan" is from your BaZi which either strong or weak and use to find out your auspicious environment likes color, good location, direction and this is the center of your luck for for entire life. And Kua number is merely to find out your good facing DIRECTIONs.
Bazi Chart - Day Master Weak Earth Four Pillars of Destiny ..
Apply Feng Shui Birth Element (your daymaster element from your BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny) and FengShui Kua Number.

Basic Rules of Feng Shui Before You Buy A House : 12 types of houses to avoid.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008
22677 viewers.

Nowadays, many of us will check out the feng shui of a property before we decide to buy or not to buy. This means Feng Shui have a high percentage in determine the value of the property. Feng Shui elements will also determine the future resell value for potential buyers. Buying a house can be a fascinating experience, even if at times filled with fear and doubts. ..
Basic Rules of Feng Shui  Before You Buy A House : 12 types of houses to avoid.

Applying Feng Shui Principles and Feng Shui Tips for Your Bedroom

Monday, 3 March 2008
9948 viewers.

A bedroom is the place you go to lay down, rest, to recharge and to heal. It is also the place where you feel protected without anything distracting you. Your bedroom is your sanctuary of peace and it is here that the flow of energy "Qi" should be just alright to provide you a chance to restore your energy.

Figure 1. The forever auspicious placing. ..
Applying Feng Shui Principles and  Feng Shui Tips for Your Bedroom

Feng Shui House - Land. DOs & DON'Ts

Saturday, 9 February 2008
8856 viewers.

The land where your home is built on will determines the Feng Shui of your home. It must be balanced in term of yin-yang and harmony in shape. Choose your house that is built on 1. Land that is square or rectangular in shape. 2. Level and flat land. 3.Solid ground without any sign of soil erosion. 4.Circulation of air and water is good and nourishing. 5. Plants can live easily. 6. Without any history of misconducts. ..
Feng Shui House - Land.  DOs & DON

House facing and your main door. DOs & DON'Ts

Friday, 1 February 2008
11689 viewers.

Every house or apartment building has a sitting and a facing direction and in most cases, we can intuitively diffrentiate them. The facing is usually the side with allow the maximum qi energy into your house. How to determine which site allow the most qi energy? First, you must remember that we all bring in the most qi energy into the house when we walk through the main door. Take an example, you stay in a condominium where there are on-going construction nearby and you pass by the construction site everytime you want to go home. You will definitely bring along all the killing qi "sha" into your house once you open your main door and walk in. You are not climbing into your condo through the balcony. Your family members are more prone to sickness. ..
House facing and your main door.  DOs & DON

Dining areas DOs & DON'Ts

Friday, 25 January 2008
9231 viewers.

The dining area is where the membersand friends of the family gather togther for meals and conversations. It plays a quite important role in feng shui. 1. have good lightning and ventilation.2. have a large mirror on one wall. Warning: Do not put mirror facing 5 ghost sectors 五鬼. have a dining table shape as according to support your bazi. The dining area should not an open area. 2.near the main door. 3.odd shape dining table. 4.overhead beams on top across your dining table. 5.power than the entrance. ..
Dining areas  DOs & DON

Overhead beams in Feng Shui.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007
9778 viewers.

Protruding overhead beams cause problem inside the your home and office. Why people said its bad. First let me explain what happened when there is an overhead exposed beam. When qi is blocked by the beam, all the qi will point downward and create a invisible force which impact on anyone sitting under it. ..
Overhead beams  in Feng Shui.

Clocks in Feng Shui.

Tuesday, 5 June 2007
10373 viewers.

Clocks can be used to blocks, nuetralizes and fights off killing qi and to cure illness. Different materials and shapes have different effects. Having the correct type of clocks at the correct sectors will enhance that particular element's qi.But remember not to enhance inauspisious sector for the particular year or month. Take an example... ..
Clocks  in Feng Shui.

Main door directly facing bathroom in Feng Shui.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007
8807 viewers.

Any rushing amount of qi is not favorable. Once qi entering your living area and directly impact onto your bathroom it will bring negative effect in the long run.Bathroom belong to water element. It will brings complication to... ..
Main door directly facing  bathroom  in Feng Shui.

Main door directly facing bedroom in Feng Shui.

Monday, 21 May 2007
8586 viewers.

This does not bring any bad effects even there is a long corridor between your main door and bedroom's door. No remedies is needed here. Do not put up a clock to counter any qi. No clocks should face any doors. ..
Main door directly facing bedroom  in Feng Shui.

Shoe racks in Feng Shui.

Monday, 14 May 2007
9755 viewers.

Will not have severe affect in Feng Shui... ..
Shoe racks  in Feng Shui.

Air Conditioners in Feng Shui.

Sunday, 6 May 2007
9884 viewers.

In Feng Shui, air conditioners deserve your attention. By having air conditioners at the wrong place in Feng Shui will create severe problems... ..
Air Conditioners  in Feng Shui.

Televisions in Feng Shui.

Saturday, 28 April 2007
9760 viewers.

Many of my friends are very concern by having television in front of their bed as they assume TV acts like a mirror.. ..
Televisions  in Feng Shui.

Praying altar in Feng Shui.

Saturday, 21 April 2007
10676 viewers.

Praying altar is prefer to be at the auspicious bright places... ..
Praying altar  in Feng Shui.

Potraits in Feng Shui.

Saturday, 14 April 2007
9622 viewers.

There are many theories concerning the place for wedding potraits, family potraits and etc. Some said it is not a good idea to place wedding potraits inside the bedroom, facing the bed, at the and of the bed, on top and so on. .. ..
Potraits  in Feng Shui.

Lights in Feng Shui.

Saturday, 7 April 2007
9530 viewers.

There are many saying about the number of lights that should be fixed in a house. The number should be odd or even? Some said according to 9 flying stars auspicious and inauspicious self ie. 1 will make you flirting, 2 make you sick, 3 dispute, 4 academic excellence, 5 very sick, 6 power, 7 robbery, 8 wealth and 9 celebration and so on... ..
Lights  in Feng Shui.

Main door directly facing the kitchen in Feng Shui.

Saturday, 31 March 2007
9515 viewers.

The main door to your house is the principle entry of chi entering your living space so it usually commands the attention of many feng shui masters. It is not good to have kitchen facing the main door and extremely bad if you can see ... ..
Main door directly facing the  kitchen in Feng Shui.

Bathroom directly facing kitchen in Feng Shui.

Wednesday, 21 February 2007
9177 viewers.

You must have heard a lot about fire and water clash; microwave oven on top of the fridge, the fridge next to your stove, your cooking stove directly opposite your washing basin and so on. All this are not fire and water clash. We have seen hundred if not thousand type of small kitchens where electrical items are either directly facing or just beside the washing basin. ..
Bathroom directly facing  kitchen  in Feng Shui.

How to Use Mirrors as Feng Shui Remedies.

Wednesday, 14 February 2007
10003 viewers.

Mirrors are versatile, all-purpose Cure - known as the Feng Shui "Aspirin" because they are useful for so many different purposes, but when and how to use them always bring uncertainty and confusion. Here, I would like to clarify what mirrors can do for you and how to use them as feng shui remedies. In feng shui applications, mirrors serve three basic purposes: 1. Expansion 2. Reflection 3. Deflection or repel ..
How to Use Mirrors as Feng Shui Remedies.

How to Choose a Good Feng Shui House and Office? What to look out for?

Wednesday, 24 January 2007
10108 viewers.

The home is a very big investment and commitment for most of us. In terms of Feng Shui, this investment is not only money, but also an investment in the wealth and health of your entire family. Therefore, it is very important and a worthwhile effort to check the feng shui of a house before deciding to buy it, because feng shui cures can be expensive and sometimes just impossible to do. When you go house or apartment hunting, remember the “Armchair” formation. Look around notice the external environment of the house or building. It must blend into the surrounding. The front should be relatively low and there should be ample breathing area so-called “Bright Hall” (Ming Tang). On the contrary, the back of the house should be higher. This is what we call “Back Support  Mountain” ( Kao Shan). Just like an armchair, we love to have a high back with solid armrests and ample leg room. ..
How to Choose a Good Feng Shui House and Office? What to look out for?

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