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BaZi: Forever the backstabbed.

Monday, 25 June 2012
20217 viewers.

Have you ever wondered why you are always surrounded by some people trying to harm to or sabotage you, talk bad about you and people just dislike you?

Take some examples your best buddy finds out that you fancy a certain girl; your so called buddy or best friend then pursue a relationship with her. Someone steal your idea or invention or what we called “stolen idea” or “stolen project”. These kind of situations are normally indicated in your BaZi Four Pillar of Destiny in the form of Harms. It is usually unexpected and unforeseen and will catch you off-guard. It is normally emotional and it takes time to resolve and are usually mentally tormenting. Imagine being betrayed and backstabbed by someone you trust and love and you cannot simply pull out the knife without leaving any scars – that is what it fells like.

Now take a look at our friend here.

BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny – the six harms
Chart 1. His BaZi Four Pillar of Destiny.
BaZi: Forever the backstabbed.

BaZi: wealth analysis

Sunday, 17 June 2012
21064 viewers.

Especially Asians the question is very straightforward: When will I get Rich?

If you are running you wealth luck Ta Yun then you are going through wealthy luck and that is the time when things will improve financially and more opportunities to make more money.

Now you also must check if there is any elemental relationship affecting your wealth stars in both your BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny chart and with your Ta Yun and years. Whether you enjoy good wealth or not will depend on the strength of your wealth stars, any clashes, taken away by combination, injured by their enemies... All these can happen at your BaZi chart, at your 10 years luck cycle (大运 "ta yun") and in a particular year.

For example if you are running your wealthy Ta Yun but with clashes and/or punishments , then this period you will make money but in the process of making money or in an attempt to get rich you might get into trouble. Therefore it is advised to remain conservative with money and avoid any risky investments. ..
BaZi: wealth analysis

BaZi : Evaluating your marriage luck.

Sunday, 10 June 2012
25877 viewers.

Some people have perfect love luck in their life as their BaZi indicates they will have prosperous and fruitful marriage. However it is also a fact that only a very few people have all the enjoyable marriage.

There are many occasions people are not the marrying type but they try to fit into the ‘normality’ of marriage especially Asian society places a great deal of importance. The truth is for some people as far as the destiny analysis goes, some people are better off being single. While others may find their live improve after marriage or some find it no difference or some people find marriage is not what they bargain for.

When evaluating the issue of relationship especially when come to marriage, it is very important that you make the full use of the knowledge that comes from your BaZi and ask yourself “are you really the marrying type?” and “is this the right time to get married?”

You probably heard about the ladies or the guys with excellence quality and are very attractive but keep falling in love with the wrong person or the wrong type of person. Or some are trapped in some form of torturing relationship and are not able to get out.

Now when you are the marrying kind but have you got the marriage luck? When is the right time? Does your destiny path support your marriage and will your marriage prospers?

Now let take an example. Here is a lady who has had very unhappy marriage and is now divorced. Below is her BaZi Four Pillar of Destiny.

feng shui Bazi profiling for an unhappy marriage
Chart 1. Her BaZi Four Pillar of Destiny
BaZi : Evaluating your marriage luck.

BaZi : How to see if you can have twins? Can BaZi tells?

Saturday, 2 June 2012
17114 viewers.

Don’t be surprised when a newly couples ask what they can do to get pregnant with twins. These types of questions are quite common when couples come to see me. Honestly the only way to get pregnant with twins is either by a doctor or if the woman has hyperactive ovaries. Does it come from family history? Having a maternal history of twins or other multiple births increases your chance of becoming pregnant with twins considerably. But this is not necessary true for some. Some are pregnant with twins and it does not run in their family what so ever so the twins are completely unexpected.

feng shui Bazi profiling for mother having twins
BaZi : How to see if you can have twins? Can BaZi tells?

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