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Marriage and Love : Giving the right prescriptions

Friday, 25 May 2012
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One of the common question when people come for a BaZi Four Pillar of Destiny consultation is that they want to know their love fate; their marriage outcome whether their marriage will be a happy and prosperous one or their marriage will end up in divorce and so on. They aren’t just looking for good news or bad news; they are asking for some advice.

In the course of my practice of BaZi I have done reading from both locally and overseas. I understood one thing, the “cultural” context is very important when giving advice. In countries and society where it is very common to see divorces or divorce is not too difficult to undertake there will be more people asking about the right time to get divorce. Don’t be surprise is there are people asking when is the perfect time to divorce in order to gain some good return.

But in some others countries like in Asian, divorce is usually the last resort of advice given to customer by any BaZi masters. It is normal to suggest that a marriage might be dull, rough, abusive and even torturing. Many Asian couples are still expected to stay together as long as they could in order to save their marriage and for the best of their children.
Marriage and Love : Giving the right prescriptions

BaZi : A poor life - poor BaZi and non performing Ta Yun.

Friday, 18 May 2012
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Many of us do not believe in pre-destined luck. If you ask me whether I believed in destiny the answer is No if you asked me 20 years ago but now I do believe in pre-determined luck. However, to certain extend human can change their destiny if you know what are your weakness; willing to change and are aware of your luck cycle.

For superb BaZi if you are lazy and lackluster, wealth might not come to you or money will not drop from the sky except you are born rich. Even if you are born rich, without the right attitude you might lose your wealth. For average or below average BaZi, if you are willing to work hard the chances of making some achievements are high.

feng shui Bazi profiling on wealth and money
Chart 2. Her Ta Yun.
BaZi : A poor life - poor BaZi and non performing Ta Yun.

Playground I.

Friday, 11 May 2012
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“About four years ago my family shifted into my present house which faces a football field. This football pitch is on the lower ground and about five feet deep. Does it has some severe affects or implications on the fengshui of my house”
Playground I.

A pick from my case file. What were the changes in her marriage, career and finance in 2009? Good or bad?

Thursday, 3 May 2012
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This lady came to me in 2008 and was very concerned about her marriage. Her relationship with her husband was not good but not the violence type. It was just dull and lack of sparks.

She wanted to know what was in store for her in the coming year and what was the changes that was going to happen in the coming years.

feng shui Bazi profiling on love and marriage She went for my 20 years BaZi analysis and 2009 analysis is shown below.

These were what I told her.

1. Your marriage in 2009 is not stable and a bit rocky. Most probably there is going to be some changes to your marriage.

2. If there are changes to your marriage, the process will be a calm and peaceful one.

3. There chances of a new suitor are high. But he will not be your new love.

4. There is also going to be some changes in your career. You might find yourself looking for others job.

5. The chances of your father getting very sick are very high. Please take him for earlier medical checkup and take extra care and precautions.

6. The chances of you getting sick in 2009 are also high. Again go for an earlier medical checkup.

7. The chances of you getting a small fortune are foreseen.

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A pick from my case file. What were the changes in her marriage, career and finance in 2009? Good or bad?

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