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Number of trees should be grown in front yard (Feng Shui)

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Hi Master Peter,

Chinese think double number represents “Yin” while single number represents “Yang”. Should I plant trees in single number (1,3.5…) or double number (2,4,6…) in front yard?

Also my front yard has no fence and separates 2 sides by my private car driveway. If looking out from the front door, left side of front yard is much smaller and right side is very big.  For now, I have 2 existing old trees in the right side of my main front yard (Marked 1 and 2 in red) and I want to plant more trees in my front yard. I want to plant 1 small tree in the left side of front yard (planter marked with 4 in picture) and 1 big tree on my right side of front yard (planter marked with 2 in picture) at least to block cross-street houses. According to the above, the total number of trees in my front yard will be 4.  Accordingly, I have 2 questions as below related to the circumstance:

1) Should the left side of front yard be included in the whole front yard even though it is so much smaller?  

2) If question 1) is “yes” and  with single number of tree in front yard is better, should I plant another tree in planter 1 (marked in picture) to make the total number of trees in 5 for my front yard?

I will send my picture to support@skillon.com

Please kindly advise what your comment is. Thank you.

Best regards,


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